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Artist: Suga Free f/ DJ Quik, Hi-C
Album:  Street Gospel
Song:   Tip Toe
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[Suga Free]
Oh yeah, once again
your friendly.. neighbour.. hood.. player
Suga Free.. is in this bitch.. bitch
Now I wanna break it down for my nigga DJ Quik
The almighty, funkster
The baddest to ever touch the MPC60
Worth 3000, you don't hear me
Clue Dogg, Blac Tone, Hi-C
Droppin some bomb shit fo yo ass
As we dip da, tip toe to the 9-7

[Chorus - 2x]
Hold on, here we come
Tip toe but don't ya run

[Suga Free]
Naw, uh-oh
Bitch you done fucked up!
Yeah I took yo phone book and took a long look
at another niggas name and his neighbourhood
Straight struck her
But life in a brick now-now, knew her, huh-huh, bullshit she
Took her stinky ass come up to my parole officer and say he hit me
He'll do a violation, and she know west ??
To realise only reason that bitch work is to keep her ankles warm
I, pimpin a padron on the first degree
I'm writin letters to a bitch that ain't thinkin bout me
But I'm a pimp mayne, so I'ma sharpen up my twos and bout that
Cause that bitch lips so big chopstick had to invent a spray, fuck that
You know that player hater cause he ain't got one pinball in his body
That's funny, I-I can't-can't wait-wait to-to get-get my-my money
In a real way, hey Mr. pimp player max superior
Drivin that pussy in a pink Cadillac
with some of that jack off nut coloured interior
Baby don't cry, I know he trippin
But you were a winner
Lil mo in my Cadillac ??? panties up in my ??

Chorus x2

[DJ Quik]
Yeah, it's Mr. Quik, tell me, who do you expect?
I'm back with Suga Free, and Hi-C for all respect
Cause I've been doin this shit for years and still impressin
Tryna get whatcha on me nothin mo nothin less
Cause in my black Lex I rolls from county to county
City to city lookin for the dark honies, suckle brown red titties
And bitches, y'all can't play a technique for a trick
Because I speaks softly, and carries a big ol' dick
And um
I like the bitches that ain't scared to use they hands
I like the bitches that'd get naked in the back of the van
Yeah, see see, I paid ya like I'm major
You bitches steadily gettin over them niggas that done paid ya
But then I just fire my newport and look at ya stupid
And then shoot you with an arrow like dick cause I ain't Cupid
Now learn to tip toe ?

Chorus x3

I bet ya recognise me, I'm nasty as they come Mr. H-I-C
Tip Toe, but don't ya run, cause me and my dogs be chillin in the tree
DJ Quik, Blac Tone and Suga Free
Now tell me what ya want, baby what ya need
I slap meat to a freak, and make the ho nose bleed
Cause bitches like you smoke up all the weed
And ain't givin up shit with yo nappy weed
See I
A hoe like you can shake my spot
Or suck my dick, till your taste of snot
Naw it don't stop, we stays on top
And bust like a muthafuckin fo-fo shot
Fuck what you got, I'ma ride and swerve
Intoxicated man I hate it when I scrapes the curb
Just slammed the do and the ho tried to work me
God damn ho, don't bitch, ya tryna work me

Chorus x4