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Artist: Substantial f/ DJ G.I. Joe
Album:  Home Is Where the Art Is *
Song:   Shit On My Lawn
Typed by: @Substizzle @MelloMusicGroup


Bannnn! (Ah Shit!)

If the grass is greener on the other side
Then why inn the hell did you choose to come here? (Do tell!)
I am not a weakling like these other guys
I am not frail so, just to be clear... (You'll fail!)
Your portfolio is foliage is autumn.
Pretty for a few weeks until it hit bottom
Fetch my Leaf Blower. You might con most
With what you compose but it's mostly compost
Plant foot in your ass like I punt for a team
You bums are all thumbs but none of them green
In the jungle you're king? You're lyin', a mere dande
A Stan of Stan because I'm apt with Stanleys
Build and destroy when I find fertile ground
Aerate dirty tracks right before I put it down
Clowns spreading their manure as soon as they get in town
But I got fresh shit on my own, move along, man!

HOOK (DJ GI Joe & Substantial)
(Aww Shit)
Come on, son!
(Aww Shit)
(Aww Shit)
You serious?
(Aww Shit)
Psh, this nigga!

Better curb your dog
No mics, just vics when they carry you off
Need to respect my property for I off ya' ass
You ain't too high to read the sign, "Keep off the grass!"
Plow through shrubs Bogardin' my yard
And you wack ass crab grass pardon the God
Dig this...
I'm underground 'til I'm top soil
Rake green w/ my team 'til our plots foiled
I don't throw dirt when the plan's to clean up
Hard labor got me looking like I ran through the sprinklers
This is my turf and I'm the landscaper
But they don't want to give me work 'cause I demand paper
Hey... could be baggin' leaves but I hustle my art best
Plantin' seeds of wealth so we'll be eating by harvest
No doubt, in droughts I will sprout regardless
Without handouts or progress from congress
They all pest, stop buggin!


Another long day now it's back to the shed
So I can put the tools away and just relax in the bed
But the earth's secret garden is in need of tending
She leaves to freshen up and give her hedges a trimming
In a day filled with more Lowes than highs
She's miracle grow, 'round her I'm known to rise
Like the baking sun when the AM come
We make way for fun a little wake & stake
You on the other hand can't get a break as of late
Messing with rusty hoes and burning bush
Better mind your own lawn for you start the hating
'Cause it's clearly in need of some cultivating
You ain't got enough skill to be playing the field son
No balls, in fact you lack the will, son
A cut above the rest, I'm the lawnmower man
So before you try to bomb on my land think again chump!