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Artist: Substantial f/ Deacon the Villain, Olivier Daysoul
Album:  Home Is Where the Art Is *
Song:   Make Up Sex
Typed by: @Substizzle @MelloMusicGroup


So sorry, so... so sorry
So sorry, so... so sorry
So sorry, so... so sorry
Next time I'll do it right but can I do you right now

Damn, what I do? (What?)
Why you pissed at me?
Ahh man, true. (Oh!)
It does look crappy.
Is it that serious, 'cause you hella steamed
I try to get it right but you always intervene
Besides, you know I had a long day
My bad for putting the onesie on the wrong way
And no, I didn't smell her diaper
(You smell that shit in the air?) Well, I might've
But eh baby why waste a good evening
You know you shouldn't yell like hell when she's sleeping
Besides, when you're pissed the shits sexy
And I wanna kiss those lips so just let me...
Make it up to you and give you something to smile 'bout
'Cause it's a waste of energy to fuss and wild out
Afterwards, you bite my lip and say that I'm bad
It's so good I might intentionally start making you mad
But eh...

HOOK (Deacon The Villian)
Baby let me make it up... you!
I'll do it while I'm making love... alright you, you, baby!

My bad, I know I'm late again
Had another show and I know that you hate it when
I ain't on time, said 1, didn't make it in
'Til quarter pass 3, new couch, time to break it in
Either that or lay in the bed with your back to me
But actually, that doesn't sound bad to me!
Don't be mad at me, I hate it when you're holding out
You ain't gotta front, if you're mad why'd you poke it out
Threaten me with a good time, bet I show up
With a loaded gun like don't move it's a hold up
And do hard time for my crimes of passion
Things slip your mind when it's time for action
Recline, relax and accept my apology
As long as it takes them to fix the economy
At least let a brother slide with a warning
And you can tell me how I ain't shit in the morning
'til then...


Eh... look here baby...
I need, I need you to calm d... calm down.
Breath... there y... okay, there ya' go.
Now look, I don't know what else to do, baby.
I done had Deacon sing to you. But you know what?
Ya know I ain't gon' give up just yet.
I'm a bring in the good brother, Olivier Daysoul...
And maybe he can help me out.
Ya' know I can't quite sing but I'ma let him sing it to ya'
Can ya' help brother? Come on!

(Olivier Daysoul)
Woo! Baby yeah!
I wanna make love to you... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ye... eah... eh babe.
Youuuu baby...
You make me feel so good!
Yeah, yeahhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah.