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Artist: Styles of Beyond f/ RZA
Album:  Reseda Beach
Song:   Don't Feel Bad
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: sample (RZA)]
Don't feel bad (I can never)
Don't feel bad
Don't feel bad (nigga, nigga, don't)
Don't feel bad (dighead)

If you got to chew food on one side of your mouth
Cuz you got a bad tooth and no cash to pull it out
Don't feel bad, if the bank close your account
And you sleeping on a piss stained fold out couch
Don't feel bad, if you don't got the credit to buy it
Put it in your girl's name and then promise she can drive it
Verizon and Sprint still tripping, I'm target
Cuz I ain't pay the bill since Clinton was in office

[Chorus: sample (RZA)]
Don't feel bad (when life's on your shoulder)
Don't feel bad (as these days get colder)
Don't feel bad (everyday we get older)
Don't feel bad (nigga please)

It's hard enough to try to make another dollar stretch
I might as well just grab a shovel, dig myself a ditch
And bury all my worries with a penny and a tin cup
Starve til I'm skinny, and invested in a limp bush
Damn, a mascot crowded by the darkness
Almost stole my laptop right out of my apartment
I had to do a show on the very same day
What if it ain't luck, all my friends seem to say is


If your chain ain't platinum but you got it for six bucks
It came with a cross and a plastic pimp cup
Don't feel bad because your rims don't spin
If they ever get jacked, well then the joke's on them
RZA put the track, and we cooking up a classic
Took it to Staten, said 'I'm looking for The Abbott'
Don't feel bad but it's a rap for you faggots
I got to lick a shot for the Ol' Dirty Bastard

I traveled in the wind, on a horse and a cab
Landed in Berlin and then lost all my bags
Thinking this is hell, then they hit me with the bomber
Had to go to TRL with slippers and pajamas
Gotta be bad timing, it's all absurd
So pour me some Jack, mama, to calm my nerves
It's like I don't have a choice or second opinion
And all I hear is a voice, on record skipping, saying

[Chorus II: sample (RZA)]
Don't feel bad (when the world try to trap you)
Don't feel bad (and these niggas try to zap you)
Don't feel bad (and put you all in the capsule)
Don't feel bad (bodo, read the book -- yo)

I can never feel bad, I'm the prince of suspense
Digi Tech, I stole Christmas from the Grinch
Bugs Bunny money, you Jack Club McClumsy
You best to bungie, more coach than Tony Dungy
How land in cold feet, the way we hold heat
Like forty fat bitches wrapped up in gold sheets
With fabrics and quilt, I'm masculine built
One seem by your dame, put her brain on tilt
This is your brain on drugs, this is slang on drugs
Bob Digi (bodododo), it's Wu-Tang on drugs
B to the O, to the B-B-Y, D-I to the G-I-T-A-L
You Al Bundy dummy, I'm California sunny
And these snow bunnies love me, cuz my dick drips honey
My tongue spits syrup, make these hummingbirds chirp
Two guns on my side, bust shots like Wyatt Earp
No green eggs and ham, we don't eat Spam
My girl rock pearls, but I don't eat clams
Get scrooge like Ebenezer, run hoods like Black Caesar
Been accepted around the world in more spots than Visa
Yeah, that's something right there, repo man, keep it going


[Outro: sample]
Don't feel bad (4X)