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Artist: Styles P f/ Rashad
Album:  Time is Money
Song:   Favorite Drug
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Styles P]
Somethin 'bout you, I don't know, HA HA~!

[Rashad] + (Styles P)
You're the one (yeah)
You're the one, yeahhhh (that's what it feels like)
You're my favorite drug (you're my favorite drug)

[Styles P]
You're my favorite drug, amazin love
Cause you never, tell your friends where David was
Got a blunt blaze it up, we can get a room in the Trump
That's the one with our favorite tub
Damn you fly, why lie when I get high
All I do is think about how I'ma ride them thighs
I ain't never been one to make no girly songs
But I'll be up in this chick 'til the early morn'
Mighta came with some Temples but those Shirleys gone
She laughin makin a joke she gon' sell out porns
Got me head over heels, puffin on a dutch
Thinkin to myself, might spread some bread for some wheels
I might be wrong, but honey is right
Got to have my back strong when I come for the night
Her "Milkshake" bring my ass to the yard and we don't care
if we do it in the telly or the back of the car, what?

[Chorus: Rashad]
You're my favorite drug, get me high
Like the skies above, yeah
Feels like I'm in love, I'm so high
You're my favorite drug

[Styles P]
Stoned as usual; pickin up my chick
We gon' bone as usual; she been talkin shit
on the phone as usual - pull up on the block
in somethin real nice on chrome as usual
Either one of us don't care where we headed
Park the truck, get a dutch, watch "American Wedding"
I like her cause she cool, graduated school
Got a mean stick in pool
Cut a nigga quicker than me she a fool
When everybody flip she was still playin rules
She the shit like some stools
I'm open like the windows is
Everytime we have sex I'm in limbo kid
And she make me stop quicker than my brimbles did
So no longer do I care where the fuck them other bimbos is
She's my favorite drug, the shit so serious
Me, her and purple, point black period

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Styles P]
Me and her been doin it far too much
'Til the 55 box of cigars is up
Right before checkout time is the hardest nut
The valet call the room and say the cars is up
A dutch and a shot, that's what P thing is
Then I be all up in that ass like them G strings is
She is my favorite drug, so is the purple
So I get 'em both together then I blaze 'em up

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

Drug.. drug.. drug..
Only one I want in my life
Only one I want in my LIFE~!
Ohhhhh-hoooo, yeah-yeahhhhh
Drug.. drug.. drug.. {*fades*}