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Artist: Styles P
Album:  The Ghost in the Machine
Song:   Ghost Stories, Part 1
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Styles P]
Ghost in the Machine!
This part is the movie part, y'knahmsayin?
Directed by me, produced by Vinny Idol
Feel this motherfuckin movie
Parts 3 and 4 comin soon

You don't like me fuck you it's more than enough shots for ya
Your man ridin wit'chu bet he gettin shot for ya
I got some hand grenades nigga but they not for ya
They for some other shit
My man got robbed out of town and I told him I could cover it
He younger than me and wilder than me
He wanna kidnap a mother I said nigga you on some other shit
Slow down young'n, we gon' get your revenge
When the shit get real we got to go down gunnin
Said he got a set of grenades he got from Jamaican niggaz
Said he goin through there and e'rything and shake a nigga
Nigga you buggin out
We gon' get that money and the work back, then we gon' slug it out
Slow down soldier, keep your composure
Stay quiet and close, then strike like a cobra
You can't attack now, they expectin you you pushy nigga
Give it 2 weeks, and they gon' think you pussy nigga
I guarantee you that they Eagles is big
So we gon' show them niggaz how, evil we is
And we don't give a fuck how diesel they is
Cause they all break down when the Eagle get lit
He young, get me thirsty but he listenin
Plus he know my M.O. so I ain't bullshittin him
Besides we was half on the work
I get it he knock it off you do the math it could work
But bein with the wrong driver on the wrong ride
is guaranteed to get a fuckin passenger hurt shit
You don't get it but you will in a minute
Told shorty to come home and just chill for a minute
It's been a long time we ain't build in a minute
He been deep down South keepin it trill for a minute
Now he back home, gettin his mack on
645i sittin on black chrome
I'm thinkin to myself, damn shorty mature
Got a hundred worth of ice, purple label velour
We got a dutch and we blowin it in front of the store
He asked how I was doin, who was in the studio
Which hood niggaz was frontin, tryin to make a movie though
Block still buggin out, told a nigga truly yo
Fuck rap, I need to get a movie like Coolio
Then he blurted out they got us for six figures
Kicked down the door and he counted out 6 niggaz
A bitch told him who did it, I told him the shit figures
Gimme 2 weeks and just bring me the get-wit'er