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Artist: Styles P
Album:  The Ghost in the Machine
Song:   Pussy Niggas
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Styles P]
This a Supa Mario and Poobs production

I know that you pussy
Cause you ain't the same if police is around nigga
I know that you pussy - I know that you pussy
Cause you ain't the same if police is around nigga

Listen my niggaz, I ain't with all that riffin my niggaz
Load 9 bullets and hit you, have you shittin my niggaz
Niggaz bodies out New York but they lettin they mouths ride
Been a long time since y'all been on the South side
Y'all niggaz wanna count what we got, y'all niggaz industry
Cornball I get most my shit from the block
But it's funny I can switch up my watch, plus switch up my car
Got a house in a real cool spot
But you never gon' see me on "Cribs"
I'm a criminal, can't let them grimy niggaz see where I live
Cause they might kick in the door, lookin for the piff and the raw
But all they gon' get's the fifth and the four
"All Eyez on Me" like Mr. Shakur
Knockin the Whispers in the Cadillac, sit on velour
I adapt to my habitat, give me a four
With a fully loaded clip, a bitch that drive stick
that can roll a thai stick, definitely on some high shit
Ma I'm 'bout to cut up this Yayo
Bring 50 to the Bank then Buck at these a-holes
But, I don't wanna blam they click
They don't stand a chance and I'ma come cleaner like the dance to this shit
Them niggaz aight, but tell Yayo to vamoose
Let me set you, check you, 50 don't respect you
On the radio he said your baby mom was a Deuce
I was sittin on the bunk like damn he a punk
Don't make me off niggaz y'all snitches is soft niggaz

What? I'm just fuckin around wit y'all niggaz
I ain't tryin to catch a case
I know that you pussy, police is wit'chu
Security or somethin, I ain't gon' risk it my niggaz
Case you ever fell jumpy leave the cops at home though
Y'know? ONE
The Ghost, ha ha ha!
I know that you pussy {M-M-Mario?}