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Artist: Styles P
Album:  Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman)
Song:   Look at Her
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[Intro: Styles P]
Ohh man, I mean
I gotta do somethin for the ladies, right?
It's that kind of beat right here Poobs
I feel it, let's go
[Styles P]
Yeah, you told your man look at her
Then he was like, "Damn look at her"
Knee boots, mink shirt, top made of fur
And now you like, "I wonder where she work"
She on the dance floor, you like the twist and the jerk
She sweeter than Ms. Butterworth
And now you like, "Ma, who you?
Got 'em sick like the flu how you dipped in Lou"
She remind you of your first .22
She real small with a lot of bang
You give her a ring cause you and her gotta hang
She swear to God that, you and her got a thing
[Chorus: Styles P]
It be like, "Damn look at her"
Nice face, nice waist - damn look at her
It be like, "Damn look at her"
Nice hips, nice lips - damn look at her
It be like, "Damn look at her"
Nice eyes, nice size - damn look at her
It be like, "Damn look at her"
Nice walk, nice talk - damn look at her
[Styles P]
She look good in her gym clothes in fact
With a little Air Max with the pins in the wrap
All her friends are tens or similar to that
Got a walk for the runway; talk that can fund-raise
With a smile that look brighter than the sun ray
And she's a real classy chick
You know the type that you probably see a athlete with
A rapper, actor, or a activist
Or a C.E.O. dude that had to be rich
Or a drug dealin kingpin that have them bricks
You like, "Damn if I could have them hips, or I could have them lips"
You look at her, and imagine this
[Styles P]
Yeah, you was like, "Damn look at her"
She remind you of a car, it's probably the flyin spur
Or maybe it's the Audi with the real good curves
You tryin to get up in her ear with the feel good words
Felt real confident, know you was willy
Told shorty that she was sweeter then the strawberry Phillies
Said some old school stuff like, "Boy you was silly"
Then you hand her over your jacket, you knew she was chilly
Now you got her, she got you, you all in the spot too
You like her, she like you, both of y'all hot too
Now it's goin down and the plan occur
And you got her in the bed like, "Damn look at her"