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Artist: Styles P f/ Max B
Album:  Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman)
Song:   Holiday
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[Styles P]
Knee-deep in the game
Due time you'll see the sunshine if you sleep in the rain
I ain't tryin to weather the storm
I get over the clouds and I ain't talkin 'bout flyin a plane
I'm in the slums where the guns is
Niggaz sell crack to get hundreds - I mean thousands
I seen European cars by housing
I seen shinin on your block, I'm just browsin
Fo'-five make you get free
My London niggaz say, "You get me?" I say, "I got you"
Rude boy, they better watch you
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
When I was young they used to say I had a older soul
Only death can make the soldiers fold
Comin down, hit the floor, let go, all my soldiers roll
You get hit then your soul let go, let's go

[Chorus: Max B]
(Let's go) We pop shots off at your bean
D-Block, Byrd Gang, that's the team (team team)
Big fifth make you move back
Go against them, you don't really wanna do that
Them got that yay.. it's a holiday (holiday baby)
If you fuck with my money then you might as well pay

[Styles P]
Handgun and the rifle
And a knife too, shit just that trifle
Get blood from your ice to your Nike boots
Head cracked like the dice do
I don't squeal nor squeak like the mice do
I get hype too, come through the block and light you
Like a cigarette, you ain't seen a harder nigga yet
Hit you like a Nicorette
Off a lion nigga pick a pet, I mean pick a beast
I run the city nigga pick a street
Matter fact you could pick a beef
I'm old school we can shoot it out, pick a heat
Fuck you!


[Styles P]
I get ya, get the picture?
I'm the painter, you the painted
Talkin shit when you ain't shit
I'm five-star, you ain't ranked kid
I'm major, fuck the majors, fuck the label
And take that to the bank kid
It's the Ghost or the Phantom
Killin rappers at random without a handgun, can't stand him
I'm too nice, I'm too hot
You don't wanna drop from the top of the rooftop
Turn the mic up, turn the beat up
S.P. the Ghost still keep the fuckin booth hot