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Artist: Styles P f/ Swizz Beatz
Album:  Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman)
Song:   Blow Your Mind
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[Intro: Swizz Beatz]
Swizzie! (Ghost!)
Yeah, smoke, now
S.P. c'mon, S.P. c'mon
Ghost - it's showtime, it's showtime!
Ghost - lighters in the air!
[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
I wanna roll somethin up so
I-I can just blow, my mind (lighters in the air!)
I wanna, blow my mind (hey, hey - lighters in the air!)
Blow my mind (hey, hey, lighters in the air!)
You should roll somethin up so
you can just um, blow, your mind (blow your mind!)
You should just blow your mind (hey, hey, lighters in the air!)
Blow your mind (hey, hey, lighters in the air!)
[Styles P]
Mind blown and I'm tore down
Still blow an ounce and a half, even more now
Yeah, put your lighters in the air, light it up in here
Yeah, put it in the air, see if I'ma puff in here
You should find that I came to blow my mind out
Pass it and you drop it I'ma put you on time-out
Like Joe Frazier I'm smokin, mere bang out in the open
In the tub, but it feel like the ocean
I swear to God it be floatin
And I don't need a car to be coastin, you could say that I'm boastin
But this is S.P., and I know my time
When I hear showtime, I'ma blow my mind!
[Styles P]
The black hippie, the sack wit me, the lighter too
I have dreams of Amsterdam every night or two (Amsterdam)
I feel good, the sky couldn't be a brighter blue
Sun lookin like a tangerine
You got green and it's mean, brother hit me like a tambourine
I need a minute to myself, second to myself
Pass the dutchie on the left, whoever's suckin on the L
I'ma need candy cause I know my breath is gon' smell
I don't get sleep but some good restin off a L
Mind blown, time fly, time gone
Missed my exit on the highway I ride on
Roll another one, get in my good time zone
[Styles P]
I'm gone, the 'gnac and the wine gone
Eyes look stoned shit, but what, I'm grown
Over 21, come over to my zone
In less than two hours see a 50 box blown
Lovin the smell, feelin the texture
And we got a whole lot but we still gettin extra
Guess what's on the menu for breakfast
Roll with the Ghost if you wanna get messed up
[Outro: Styles P]
I mean just get blown away
Y'know... do what you do
Bungie jump or somethin, speed in the car
Do whatever blows your mind away
I know what blows mine away
[Swizz Beatz]
You should roll somethin up so you can just um, blow, your mind