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Artist:	Styles P f/ Jadakiss
Album:  Shots Fired 12"
Song:	Shots Fired
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Jadakiss: 	D-Block, Double R, Time Is Money...
Niggaz is cowards. Load up nigga
Styles P: 	Let's go

J:	Yo, we woulda been killed you
S:	Why even bother, nigga?
J:	You ratted on Prim
S:	He prolly ya father, nigga
J:	In New York you was never a don
S:	Niggaz knew you was a rat when you made Ghetto Koran
J:	Had names in the daily news
S:	Shot you nine times
J:	You could barely move
S: 	D-Block got the tenth shot
J:	Fuck it...
S:	Let's air the dude
	You dissed Ja Rule
J:	Took his style and ran wit it
S:	Singin' on the hooks the same
J:	Bitch you done Scanned wit it
S:	And don't try to diss a D-Block crook
J:	Fuck sales, you hear your boss on a D-Block hook
	We do shows in New York
S:	Nigga we not shook
J: 	If it's war get the four
S:	Put his head to the floor
J:	So we can show his faggot man how his Reeboks look
S:	And you could all die in an instant
J:	For instance...
S:	Tre pound leave ya ass smokin' like incense
J:	The four pound'll make ya man smoke like a Winston

Shots fired
J:	Man in a hole nigga
Shots fired
S:	Tell G Unit to roll, nigga
Shots fired
J:	Nine times? The tenth one'll do it to him
Shots fired
S:	Somebody better tell him we'll ruin him
Shots fired
J:	50 keep runnin' his lips, nigga
Shots fired
S:	Damn, you already been hit, nigga
Shots fired
J:	We don't give a fuck if you rich, nigga
Shots fired
S:	Get the fuck off our dicks, nigga
Shots fired

S:	Get Rich or Die Tryin'...
J:	Was a classic
S:	Now you rich and you tryin' to die...
J:	You'ze a dumb bastard
S:	We gon' be hesitant, can't see the beast
J:	And you roll wit more police than the muthafuckin' president
S:	Bitch nigga, he get peeled
J:	Like we ain't know he cock-blocked Game out his Reebok deal
S:	Plus he had the label like “Don't let him drop”
J:	“Let my niggaz drop first so they won't let it rock” &
S:	Bitch-made nigga
J:	Got a problem wit us? Come see us wit a gun
S:	Or a switchblade, nigga
J:	Damn, we thought you knew
S:	Got ya shit sprayed, nigga
J:	You been pussy since that sheepskin
S:	Fifth grade nigga
J:	Niggaz stole ya bike...
S:	Cuz you was pussy
J:	Tried to take ya life...
S:	Cuz you was pussy
J:	Now we gon' take ya mic...
S:	Cuz you was pussy
J:	Left the hood and hired the cops
	Just your luck
S:	We the ones dat fire dem shots


J:	You wasn't real wit me
S:	Now you gotta deal wit me
J:	Imma get you the same tombstone as the real 50
S:	For all of y'all who hear us
	The bigger the nigga is, the more pallbearers
J:	Y'all be wit the cops, we the 4-4 wearers
S:	Y'all scared of the block, same ones we tear up
	Don't get near us
J:	You could never worry me
S:	I know you been to jail...
J:	You also been to therapy
S:	In the hood ‘til they bury me
J:	I heard you did a Shock bid in Lakeview
	If my man woulda knew then he woulda ate you
S:	How bout...
J:	He was in the bunk right next to you
	And I coulda made him put a L-O-X on you
S:	All you niggaz together ain't got enough bars for us
	Heard a bunch of shit from y'all, none of it was hard to us
J:	Kill his ass if there's no cops & he's not wired
S:	You can't come back to New York, nigga
Shots Fired