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Artist: Styles P f/ Jadakiss
Album:  Master of Ceremonies
Song:   It's OK
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

But it's ok! (Uh-huh, yeah)

[Chorus 2X: Jadakiss] + (Styles)
Niggaz talk shit about us (but it's ok)
Game ain't shit without us (but it's ok)
You know you can't live without us (but it's ok)
But go 'head, you can doubt us (cause it's ok)

[Styles] + (Jadakiss)
(Uh) Checks get cut after the clearance
(What we dealin with is hard work and perseverance)
(Still send a nice ransom note to your parents)
I'ma ride this bitch 'til it needs some ball bearings
Riiiide! (Yeah) Tryin to renovate the West wing of the mansion
(I ain't thinkin recession, I'm thinkin expansion)
I be in the malls, I don't be in the Hamptons
(And I'm playin the wall, but my chain is dancin)
More than 200 on the dash (I'ma tear it)
You ain't gotta be nice (to pass off appearance)
44 mag is the last thing you hearin
(If the work don't make it that's a pass interference)
Shots of tequila, shops spendin calm money at the jeweler
(Spendin house money at the dealer)
Double bag the piff (cause the sour need a sealer)
You wanna see a real nigga (I just look into the mirror)


[Jadakiss] + (Styles)
Uhh, we about dough (never without dough)
(Movin with work outta state) in and out flow
(Real lyrical, intro to outro)
Ralph Lauren table, Ralph Lauren couch yo
(Ralph Lauren everything I fit up in the house though)
Whattup to them Polo boys
who knew Tony couldn't have been Manolo's boy
(Yeah, Cartier frames) clear lens though
(8 series Beemer) 7 series Benzo
(Mobster) I'll probably go to Hell if my friends go, uhh
(Never shoot in a blind fury - never!)
(Diamonds like Sprite) It's lemon and lime jewelry


[Styles] + (Jadakiss)
(Uhh) Wreck with the connect (it's ok)
(Hope you brought somebody to test it) it's ok (uhh)
Lookout on the look-out (said it's ok) look-at-that~!
We gon' have the fiends singin like Michel'le
(Bangin hard like them niggaz out in East L.A.)
Little weed from the Bay and the pink all day
(Still dope money in the gray mink all day)
Just do it while (I sit around and think all day)