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Artist: Styles P f/ Avery Storm
Album:  Master of Ceremonies
Song:   How I Fly
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

This is how I fly

[Styles P]
Bubonic'd up, sauerkraut
You know what'll light the way when the power's out
(You know) Mary Jane, old Mary Jane
need to change her hair color, got a brand new name
I love it when you gain them pounds
Cause my attitude sucks when you ain't came 'round
They can judge, but they don't blow
But +It's Something About Mary+ that they don't know
(They don't know) Got me open like Ben Stiller
Lookin for my lighter cause my friend got killer
Handin him a Dutch roll a ten my nilla
Know what I do with all of my scrilla

[Chorus 2X: Avery Storm]
This is how I fly - tryin to get loose so I light a light
Tryin to get right so ignite the lighter
I'ma be cool word to final flight
It's alright once you light that lighter

[Styles P]
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Couple stacks, a few big heads for the P
The whole Blood nation ain't redder than me (red~!)
One Visine every night I seen
Watch the +Tropic Thunder+, +Me, Myself & Irene+
Smoke the Chapelle, light up the Mike Epps (light!)
Any given time, QB on deck (any given)
All the hippies like "Ditto"
+Jungle Fever+ how I creep with white widow
Real hustler, tryin to get bucks
Real stoner, tryin to get stuck
I smoked the winners, of the Cannabis Cup


[Styles P]
We flyin airy! Real high!! (This is how I fly)
You ever seen a cloud inside?
You could be deaf and know it's loud inside
No E pill, no formaldehyde
I ain't knockin you but this is how I fly
I don't need a airline to find my flight
All I need is my lighter and now I'm right
(I'm RIGHT!) Spark up the fire, the timing's right
Ghost and Avery Storm, wow we fly

[Chorus] - 2X