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Artist: Storm
Album:  Thug Angel - The Life Of An Outlaw Soundtrack
Song:   Pain
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Pain, Pain, Pain
Pain, Pain, Pain
How do you stop the Pain

[Verse 1]
Who'd ever thought things would change so fast
Used to tell me how our love will always last
Now that's in the past heard you found another
Now you givin' her your word say you promise to love her
As you hold her in the arms that you used to comfort me when ya heart was
How could you take the good times turn it into lies
I cried for months when I looked into your eyes you was already gone
Didn't even get the chance to try to hold on what went wrong
Why'd ya leave me all alone with ya sad songs, tryin' to move on
It's hard today, baby girl asked me why daddy gone away
Can hardly speak through the Pain though I tried to explain
I couldn't even understand another loving my man makin' plans for the next

Pain, Pain, Pain
Pain, Pain, Pain
How do you stop the Pain

[Verse 2]
When I heard she was always around
You told me it was nothin' said you never went down
You promised me forever said you'd come home soon
Made me feel that I was special, shared the sun and the moon
Through the bad and the better now your time's consumed
When I call you aint never alone in the room
Quiet whispers on the phone had me fired and fumed
I shoulda known then I was slowly losing you
No quicker the thick thins, you played me for the fool
What am I to do,  play ya silly games with ya with you know who
Still hurt from the memories, it's like you died in the middle of our vows
Now tell me please, you say it's just you and ya girlfriend now
So what's the bigger lie,  you and her or you and I
Got me hiding all my tears in the blindin' rain
But even the rain stops, now all I feel is the Pain

Pain, Pain, Pain
Pain, Pain, Pain
How do you stop the Pain

[Verse 3]
How many more can I take, how many more heartbreaks
Think I'm losing my mind, how many times you fake
When you was lovin' me was you really thinkin' of her
Got me questionin' how really real we were
How could ya love just change on me
Or was I sharin' secret ties with a stranger
All the while, thought it was me and you against the crowd
Forever wildin', the bonnie and clyde, if you would ride I would ride
By ya side like we to times, to strong for the world til' you broke the bond
Now was it worth it tell me now cause when she does you wrong
Aint no turnin' back the hands of time, I'll be long gone
Living in a future you lost, to wise from the lies and the lessons you
Open ya eyes to late and you'll behold the dark
Stuck in the Pain with to far to walk
All alone with ya own Pain!

Now all you got is the Pain...

Pain, Pain, Pain
Pain, Pain, Pain
How do you stop the Pain