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Artist: Stik Figa & L'Orange
Album:  The City Under the City
Song:   Blind Tiger
Typed by: @StikFiga785

[Verse 1]
Where the drum roll, numskull
Aint you seen the white horse, aint you seen the gun smoke
Funds low these bums broke, chatting with Colombo
Peeling back the moon roof, and now my skin is sun soaked
Aint no rocket science, but I need space
Aint been to compliant, mama saying that I need faith
Being self-reliant we just ash when they cremate
Go ahead and pick a star, which one would you replace
Balls full of gas, they don't even need names
Earth's about the cash, working on a pre-paid
Flame to the glass, inhale and then relieve pain
Life a lot of things, she aint never been no cheap date
Slave in a free state, discovering the cub bards dry
Listen to the engine putter brother give another try
Pop mutters, baby sucking on her mother's for another night
Gunfire is another lullaby

[Verse 2]
And from the end is where this poem starts
No regards, watering the rose and still we grow apart
Hopeless hearts, anxious dip your toes with sharks
I'm floating in the ocean on top of shards of Noah's Ark
Ride the wave cautious, and then I set sail
Arrived on dry land, walking, on an egg shell
With lead bells, blowing the whistle man I just left hell
Nothing to regret well except maybe that death smell
Behind the red veil enjoying the best seats
The rest grieve, nothing to show for it but prestige
Wonder what success brings, I go against the jet stream
Knowing one man's night mare is another's wet dream