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Artist: Stig of the Dump
Album:  Cannon Fodder EP
Song:   They
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Dead fish swim with the current, I won't play their game
I'm tryna find a balance, they're tryna make their name
I'm nothing like the rest, I'm tryna break away
But the more things change, the more THEY stay the same
Prepared for war, I'll dig my heels in and take the strain
Fuelled with passion burning brighter than a naked flame
I wanna see things improve but won't wait in vain
Cause the more things change, the more THEY stay the same

[ VERSE 1 ]
As far as im concerned, the whole world can die twice
Leave me the fuck alone so I can write rhymes
We won't ever see no justice in our lifetimes
They keep on getting richer while we struggle by the sidelines
9 times out of 10 they create the zeitgeist
The whole world somehow convinced that they have like minds
But great minds don't think alike, they think differently
So that's why public opinion ain't shit to me
I'll never fall down, I'mm all out for victory
Only those who win the war get to write the history
I'll march to a different beat, til I got blistered feet
It's not a metaphor, I mean it literally
An individual is something I insist to be
I put the real me in every single little bit of speech
Inner visions got me switching to a vicious beast
Walking the British streets, talking through gritted teeth


[ VERSE 2 ]
Back on my bullshit, back on my grizzly
Pen and a pad and hip flask full of whisky
Back to the big leagues
Back to looking for an opportunity cause I'll be damned if it miss me
Back to the drawing board, nose to the grindstone
Off the map into my mind's own time zone
Brainstorm chaser, rhyme flow cyclone
3rd eye open to truth, I'ma do me
Yeah, I'm right back at it
Fuck an open mic, I want it right back, damn it
I control a crowd something like black magic
It's that manic, a cause a nationwide mass panic
Plus, I give a fuck if it's dead or not
I'll be hip hop til my body gets left to rot
Til the flowers grow wild on my grave
Til they wither in the winter and the very last petal drops