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Artist: Stig of the Dump
Album:  Cannon Fodder EP
Song:   Head Banger Boogie
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We got that head banger, head banger, the head banger
We got that head banger, the head banger, the head banger

[ CHORUS (2X) ]
We got that head banger boogie, make your mind go numb
Like you been puffing on a baggie of that hydro punk
For my rock 'n rollers waiting til their giro comes
A dose of something that we call the psycho funk

[ VERSE 1 ]
If you're sick of the same day-to-day you gotta break out
If 9 to 5 has got you hating fucking break out
If your life's wasting away it's time to break out
Fuck em all, do you, prepare for the shake down
No more, no way, I will not stay down
Lost my way for a minute but I will stay found
Watch the Hate mount, while bystanders say nowt
I refuse to be another sheep, I will break ground
Face down in mud, it's hard to stay saine
That's why I refuse to chase fame, I'm tryna maintain
Different day, same shit, different shit, same day
Difference is I will be not be taking it the same way


[ VERSE 1 ]
Being a citizen that's missing in the system isn't fun
Wether you're living lavish or you're living in the slums
No matter if you're paid or you got insufficient fund
If you're eating or you're fighting for those little bit of crumbs
We're all slaves to the root of all evil
Feeding off the lies that the television feeds you
Those who run the country are cunning and deceitful
With weapons of mass deception the media deceives you
But I refuse to conform to norm and toe the line
Not a slave to wages, my brain works overtime
I'm tryna go for mine, do for self, spit bars
Don the game, forget John McClane, I wanna live hard


[ VERSE 2 ]
I know a lot of people might consider me a lunatic
Cause I made loads of music based on hating on the music biz
Don't get it twisted, it ain't complex like a Rubix is
I love the art, it's pure, but hate the heads I see abusing it
When I was new to this it's something I would do for kicks
I never started rapping cause I thought it would be lucrative
But these days music is usually conducive with
A hustle just to eat and get the rent in, I'm venting
Cause I don't ever want to live to work, or worse, work to live
And I don't think our purpose on this Earth is just to earn a quid
But I don't have the answers, so the madness keeps on lurking in
And I could take the happy pills but this is my alternative