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Artist: Stig of the Dump
Album:  Cannon Fodder EP
Song:   Hard Work
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[ VERSE 1 ]
I can turn my hand to any style I want depending on what vibe I'm on
Love, peace and happiness to bang him with an iron rod
Whiney little emo to an ego like "I'm a god"
And I could make a pile of gwop, fuck it I just pied it off
Cause I refuse to compromise my lot just for the sterling
I'm me for every penny of the pounds that I've been earning
One thing that's for certain, I'll keep the fire burning
And stay true to myself until I face the final curtain
I've been working like a dog, forgive me if I bark a bit
I don't give a toss if you're a badman when your bars are shit
Fuck a major label if they don't know how to market this
The living definition of what an independent artist is
So bump your system loud
Turn the music up, I've come to burn the system down
Keep your ice and chains, I ain't come to piss about
This a different sound, I'll kill it til the industry is disembowelled

[ VERSE 2 ]
Time to get the money in
Style's raw enough to make your eyes water like an onion
Tell the truth, I ain't tryna be a funny en
Bring the greatest of all time and I'm a curry him
I've build a brand from the ground up
I've been broke, now I'm tryna get the pounds up
For now the whole brow stays frowned up
Until I see the figures in my bank account mount up
Grinding like a cokehead's teeth
Bars are intricately woven, so the flow gets peak
I want paying but ain't making no processed cheese
I ain't tryna write a track about a Rolex Sweep
Peep - it gets deep without an aqualung
So there's passion in the bars when I'm rapping 'em
I syncopate the war cry to the banging drum
Can in hand, mastering my art like Alex Young

[ VERSE 3 ]
I work twice as hard as the next guy
On the hustle til the second that the cheque's signed
I don't belive that I can settle in my next life
You're only here once, you know and homie, I'ma get mine
But I ain't all about the peso
I don't play thug with the right amount of J-Lo
Bills still come in by the day so
I'm want 'em studying my quotes like Plato
Cause courage is knowing what not to fear
So if ya think that I'm shook of the tough act you're on the gear
This ain't a pop track talking 'bout (It's hot in here)
I'm tryna make the rent off the realness they wanna hear
Cause I've had drama in my life and it ain't over yet
But it made me who I am, so like the ink suggests, 'No Regrets'
If youre here to stack some chips, that's some shit I won't respect
My bars are born from moments where the rhythm and my soul connect

I work hard, it's hard work
When you're tryna put the art first
But I admit that I'm in love with the music
I'm just sick of seeing suckers abuse it
That's why
I work hard, it's hard work
When you're tryna put the art first
I admit I'm still in love with the music
I'm just sick of seeing suckers abuse it
(That's true shit)