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Artist: Step Brothers
Album:  Lord Steppington
Song:   Step Masters
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[Chorus: The Alchemist] (Evidence)
Step master, step faster
Step on the gas and turbo jet past ya
And +It's Only Begun+ like Jimmy Castor
Dumbin out, comin out the ghetto blaster
(We came here to blow yo' miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind...)

Yo, campfire pow wow, chief up the reefa
Three passports, four visas - keep up
A grey streetsweeper, block runner, stop I'm not gonna
Plottin out from sundown to sun-up
I got it where my funds up-up, I hope we're mutual
I'm not a little dumb new fuck, the usual suspects
become clientele, threadin through the needle
or the eye of it, decided whether I ever felt The Beatles
A believer 'til they labeled me a dreamer
Went from popular to sittin on the bleachers and slangin Es'
I ain't the truth, it's a planet dream.. hmm
I ain't the mover, I'm the man that you hand the cream
Used to been starvin 'til we packin out the Garden
If we fall short at House of Blues, pardon
I'm out for startin to finish shit, carvin out our images
This +Deliverance+, I'm Bubba Sparxxx interest


[The Alchemist]
Uh (c'mon), beats like this
Make me bang my head and beat my fist
on the table, rope is thicker than them ski lift cables
Talk slick, I connect both of your lips with staples
Like a mummy wrap, but this is straight dummy rap (DUMB!)
Not Easter Bunny rap, don't sleep on the paper
It take money naps, I race on the track like Ricky Bobby
You spit it sloppy, my profession's videography
I'm high definition, 1080p description
Flippin, like things that flip (haha~!)
Don't read off a script, heavyweight, I make the needle skip (skip!)
Crush 'em like a fuckin Dorito chip, then move on to the next
Lava burns heavy on the decks
Middle finger stretch, triple X, words that I stretch
make it impossible for me to catch a breath
Move faster, telecaster, comin out the ghetto blaster