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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Ea$y Money, Freeway
Album:  Extended Play
Song:   Love & War
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[Intro: Ea$y Money] (Statik Selektah Sample)
Everyday is a constant battle! To progress as a man! (Statik Selektah!)
Uh! Listen!

[Verse One: Ea$y Money]
Aiyyo it's hard not to kill niggas
It's like a full time job not to fill triggers
Bag up, and move raw tryin to build figures
But I learn when it's hard it get a lil' thicker the lord is still wit' ya
Real spit, so often I will get turned up
Get saucy and then get corrupt just often and then I return
I get this feelin up inside it torture me and it burn up
I'm scorchin it's like a furnace it forced me to get the burner
But, I'm older and I'm smarter so I just turned a cheek
To the bullshit knocked it off but became a learner
If it ain't 'bout movin forward it don't concern us
But if you need lyrics to order I'm at ya service
Man I thought I lived the life real, 'cause I like steel
Cut the ice grill to see who face was meaner
But nowadays this, negative energy could be so contagious
I gotta keep some space between us
Positive energy like a boomerang
I send it out, put it in God's hands and let him do his thang
No more tryin to stretch bricks, to impress chicks
'Cause that just keep you in the box like some fresh kicks
I'm tryin to be amongst the illest of rhymers
I'm no longer the kid who was fillin them nines up
Wait! I gotta go and cock the steel and remind ya 
Nah I just kill 'em with kindness spread love not war!

[Interlude: Statik Selektah Scratchin]
L-Love! W-War!
Is this hip hop hell no this is war!-"Billy Danze"

[Verse Two: Freeway]
It's hard not to kill niggas
It's like a full time job not to kill niggas, 'cause I'm a real nigga
I'm from, where they leave, bodies in puddles of blood
Riddled with bullets left the hospital bill niggas
North Phil nigga! Down the street from Richard Island
Had a couple hundred thousand and that's before the deal nigga!
From the Phil nigga! I house niggas you a house nigga I'm a field nigga!
Always talk the matic but I, put down the ratchet
And I, got with Statik to build nigga!
Wise men build and destroy to build buildings
Crash a plane in your tower force a new beginnin
And I hope you be in it
Have you on the nigga news UPN and  Channel 6 Action News
Then I break Sigel out to clash the crews
Snatch my boy out and tell the warden good afternoon
I was told by, one of the greatest
That you got the best caters can't another flow right after you
Do what you can do like you can do
Them boys heat the booth you flame the booth
Bars unattainable, flow unattainable
Y'all niggas can't kill me, your guns unaimable
Unless I lost the pen the watts the eye of sin the angel of death
To snatch my soul y'all can't clap the boy
I, keep cash case cops arrest me
'Case kids kdnap me kids can get back me
And they, keep straps so, when them kids bring me back
They trap 'em and then they clap 'em
Dirt knap 'em, and I still
Show 'em compassion, order 'em caskets
Tutor they bastards, take 'em to classes
Get them they masters dissin 'em to Statik
Let's go!