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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Pro Era
Album:  Extended Play
Song:   Live From the Era
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[Intro: Announcer] (Alchemist Sample) (*Statik Selektah Sample) (**Statik Selektah Scratchin)
And will you please welcome to our stage (Al-Al-Al-Al-Al-Al-Al-Al-Alchemist!)
(*Statik Selektah!)
(**Live from the pro-"Joey Bada$$" E-E-Era!"-Nate Dogg")

[Chuck Strangers] (Statik Selektah Scratchin):
Pro Era! No for real that's my brothers! (I-Introducin-"Camp Lo")

[Verse One: Chuck Strangers]
I got (One!) one lit, and she say she with it
I grabbed the dutch and I split it, legs open nigga I hit it
Damn sure the bitch would forget it, wake up in the mornin that bitch deaded
But you shameless, rollin joints with your hoes tryin to fuck someone that's famous
But we know how the game is, don't hate me I'm just a nigga that's playin
Don't mean to bring up old shit homegirl but I'm just sayin
You love the fast life, rollin all that weed
Then with all that white got all that purp got all that Sprite make you feel like
Someone important of sum'n, bills past due  
You hear frontin, but she Louis up girl you stuntin
She fresh to death 'cause we showin up, on my dick 'cause we blowin up
They notice us, same hoes that been showin up
Hit my jack yo they blowin up
Use to get rejected when I texted
Now these hoes is countin I'm projected, number one
In the draft countin cash goin hard
Fuck a cab bitch I got you on a Metrocard

[Interlude: Announcer]
And will you please welcome to our stage

[Verse Two: Joey Bada$$]
It's like! Bitches get addicted to this dick
Too many ladies tryin to have the baby off of this kid
I'm not kiddin, tell by the way y'all wrap it up
Sometimes fact is fuck it the notes until the glasses bust
While you actin tough you like a fucked up shellfish
Hard on the outside but you soft in the skeleton
Somebody gonna have to help him from the spankin the belts thin
By then, I'll crack another nut, by the time the elephant
My L stem my doobie thick
Yeah she got a nice square but her booty ain't shit
We exchange looks it's all already tooken
A kush to honor roll when she showed me what she learned from books 
Look! I don't play around with people children
I could sell these niggas blanks, how they told me they don't feel 'em?
Feel me? You supposed to you must think you fly in that coach booth, don't you?
Then come and let me coach you
Fuck old dude he old news older than shoes
And I'm old enough so tell me how old is you?!
She said old enough to know the rules
After we screw, and then we through, come here let me show and prove

[Interlude: Announcer]
And will you please welcome to our stage

[Verse Three: Kirk Knight]
Tryin to find the twelve jewels of life
Champagne nice shots on moi an eye sore I seen ya plain sight
I'm too literal, clouds highes bidder
Wagin wars in your area we breakin sound barriers
Uh! Light bearer how I'm supposed to feel on a million
Sacred geometry comin from the first millennium
For the millionth time I'm on the road to fame
How I'm supposed to be tamed? A black boy days of chronicles of Caine
The old man's pain, from a fast life of gain  
One shot desert eagle man I'm shootin for dreams
I gotta make it my reality, better yet my salary
Them haters response is how sad are we?
Thank you thank you you far too kind!

[Interlude: Announcer]
And will you please welcome to our stage

[Verse Four: Dessy Hinds]
You can describe the accuracy that I pack with me
Leave these half mc's feelin like I after I rhymed they stuck with half of me
Release the fast release with raps for fast relief
These cats can't scratch the camel deep lines
That could make these word pronunciations flow like average seas
The average seas could never see how to paddle me
'Cause once I demonstrate the way to regulate levels raised demographically
Gradually aim to graduate before my first of grand estates
'Cause once you eatin steaks it seems like snakes gonna want to wrap a plate
So they know what's the stakes on my plate for bein one favored
It's simple when you progress with the steps of an elevator
Then I elevate your, mind state so when you state yours
Even a day tour, could not keep up with how my state tour

[Interlude: Announcer]
And will you please welcome to our stage
[Verse Five: A La $ole]
You know why I fuck 'em duck 'em never love 'em  I bust a nut for fun and
Now they frontin say they stuntin but never all for nothin
Like shorty why you bluffin? My heart cold when I rush in
So don't be makin assumptions I take pride in my crushin
Some chicks sayon they want me, they show it when they taunt me
But if she hot as hell, I know they won't demote me
Never catchin me slippin I slip in between my thighs
And lookin from a distance I bet you 'gon see me shine
They said if it wasn't for rappin you won't be here braggin
Fuck your feelings they should happen I've been forever mackin
Disposin mad chicks I grab their asses
Pass it to the Pro with the assets, just get your ass in

[Interlude: Announcer]
And will you please welcome to our stage

[Verse Six: CJ Fly]
They represent I gotta gift my rap presents what'snot to get
It was reset but in a style allow my head I represent
Won't understand what the method is for method dicks I method this
Alexis textin sextin usin estrogen
So let's listen don't need a loss throwin that meat don't catch a fit
The price I pay for your attention use some sublime messages
A sticky situation you and I could make a mess a jizz
Hear cha ching, throw in a row we makin it we on the brinks
Of this magnum on me got me feelin like it's army
And this sticky got me feelin clingin to a wall I think it's stuck
I stuck up a brinks truck call my bank corrupt
Tell 'em they foul for tryin to file for bankruptcy 
Until they, handcuff me this music can't be released
It was a crime they can't be freed, killin it this track's deceased
Rappers don't have to meet in order to clash for beef
Ain't bein greedy your needy when they ask for the piece
Nah mean!!!!

[Outro: CJ Fly]
Yeah! Most incredible! Pro Era!!!!!