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Artist: Starbomb
Album:  Starbomb
Song:   Outro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

1 2 3, I gotta go pee

[Danny Sexbang]
Woah, woah, sorry to interrupt this amazing rap Egoraptor
but we're out of time for this album

What really?

[Danny Sexbang]
Yeah, we're gonna have to save all our raps for the next Starbomb album


[Danny Sexbang]
You better believe it
it's totally a thing that's happening

Dude it's gonna be amazing

[Danny Sexbang]
It's gonna be so crazy,
Hey producer Dave can you stop the music for a second

[Music stops]

Hey Dan? You wanna see how close I can get to the mic?

[Dan] I bet I can get closer.

[Ego] No I bet I can get closer...
[Dan] I bet I can get closer....

I bet I......agggaaahahahhhaaahahgggaakkk
see you next album