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Artist: Stalley f/ August Alsina, Rick Ross
Album:  Ohio
Song:   One More Shot
Typed by:, Stalley


[Chorus: August Alsina]
Take one more shot for the liquorrrrr
A little more liquorrrr... and we on that bullshit
Get one more shot for the liquorrrr
Just a little more liquorrr... Shot after shot, now we got a full clip
And my Gs' is right, and my Gs' right
Keep sippin like it's free tonight
Got money, power, respect - the keys in life
If you free tonight, then my keys are right here
Take one more shot for the liquorrrr (Oh yeah~!)
A little more liquorrr... (Shot after shot) 'ey

Ohio State grey kicks, hottest nigga on the block
Take another shot, now we on our bullshit
Need a couple bottles to the VIP AND six mo' shots
If we through, then we on a full clip
Party over here, party next door
Party on the dance floor, damn little shawty too thick
Took her from a ballplayer, wasn't playin ball
I ain't really get involved, I ain't give two shits
...Ladies everywhere
Kush in the air, already lit two spliffs
...She don't even smoke
like that, got her faded back off two hits
...And the club full throttle
while you babysitting bottles ain't take two sips
She know what it is, I ain't gotta place a bid
All you gotta let me know is when you're ready to dip, but first...


Marijuana still lit, hottest label in the game
sittin on my chain, I ain't gotta prove it
Ciroc shots, Black Bottle Belaire
Fresher than the Fresh Prince - hell yeah, boy I do this
We just tryna party, I ain't tryna hurt nobody
But my nigga got the hammer on him like a tool kit
And girl I got the keys whenever you wanna leave
Old school in the lot lookin like a new whip
First, you wanna pic for the 'Gram, damn!
Blogs gon' be on me like I gotta new chick
Twisted in the club goin ham, man!
Shorty's so bad I done took two flicks
Bunch of bad women in the club, love
Somethin 'bout you, girl, is just too slick
Take another shot just because, cause
A nigga feelin buzzed, I ain't tryna lose it


[Rick Ross]
Parking lot and my top down (uh)
Never turnin my 'Pac down
+Me Against the World+ and a bag of weed
Couple real niggaz reppin that BCG
Black bottle my game plan (huh!)
VIP like Gangland (uh!)
My new bitch, she look Asian
And these hatin-ass niggaz ain't phasin, uh
Fly nigga, Ricky Teterboro
Fly with me shawty, come and see the world
Wake up everyday to connect the dots
My homie makin rounds fresh out the box (hah~!)
And my new spot bigger than The Fox
Speakin of the theater, bad bitches meet us
Extra dealer, tryna kick my feet up
All black Visa, buyin out the bar
{M-M-M} Uh


{M-M-Maybach Music}