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Artist: Spice 1
Album:  187 He Wrote
Song:   Trigga Happy

Dope Fiend Willy:

Heh Heh Yeah goddamn itís that old gangsta shit right there boy goddamn
shit heh heh
this is Dope Fiend Willy from the last mutha fuckin record I want the
ten piece hey I got me some now I donít give a fuck but uh huh yeah you
all ainít gonna know nothin bout this O.G. shit 
unless you start knowin sumpim about Uziís and shit  So uh?

Verse 1: Spice 1

Now this 380 was a bitch who used to ho up on my block
she lived on smith-n-wesson with that pimp Mr. Glock
now glock had many bitches, he sold pussy by the pound 
and bitches jocked his trigga everytime he came around
Big baller, big game shooter until he met that crazy mutha fucka Mr.
Now ruger was a pimp too, He had his own hoes 
Mrs Hollow Tip and Neener who wore hoíish clothes 
G-string up the ass with the big fat clitoris
drinkin that Colt 45 cuz sheís a gangsta bitch
I love my neener and my neener loves me mutha fuckaís think Iím crazy
cuz Iím trigga happy

Chorus in the background: 

Trigga happy, Trigga happy, Trigga happy nigga
(repeat 4X)

Dope Fiend Willie:

heh heh, well goddamn smith-n-wesson, heh heh heh, I got me a colt 45
back at the mutha fuckin house heh heh, yeah Iím ready to do somethiní
with one of these little olíyoung mutha fuckaís heh heh yeah, but I
think maybe a olí  ten piece hook me up mutha fucka I know you got that
yeah mutha fuckin Dope Fiend Willie in the house, donít give a fuck
about no nigga heh  mutha fucka shit.

Verse 2: Spice 1

Mr Snubnose slangin the yay out the bullet shed
And Mrs Mossberg blowin up his (???)
And the shit it donít be gettin no better, you gotta watch for that
crooked ass cop Officer Beretta
Put your ass in a sling, check out that skinny ass bitch deuce deuce
thinking she miss thing
and Mr tech nine lookin for some convo and he jammed and stuttered when
he could had a hoe
But he still knockin boots from hell to heaven nigga got a page about
three feety seven
gettin paid for the cot, so now he got a deal with that bitchís pimp mr

Chrous in the background:
(Repeat 3X)

Dope Fiend Willie:

yeah yeah I like that new shit boy yeah heh heh   trigga happy, trigga
happy HEH trigga happy nigga Yeah I like that shit.  Iím bout to go
over here and talk to these girls over here damn baby what you got on
and shit.

Verse 3: Spice 1

Now every niggaís wavin peace to the nine 
cuz glock hit the block in a jeep drinkin cheap wine
with his nigga AK drug kingpin gotta find Mr Technine do his ass in
Niggas plottin hits plottin schemes but Mr Technineís got an AR-15
An OG nigga from the hood got his cash on rollin fly brooms smokin
chronic to the fuckin dome
and Mr Glock got the word from his people Mr Technineís havin a party
at the Desert Eagle
So right in front of the club when he checked his beeper
Technine blasted his ass with the street sweeper

Chorus in the background:
(repeat 4X)

Dope Fiend Willie:

(Smoking) (coughing) goddamn shit fuck yall and your folks got these
days? That old chronic shit look at that! Goddamn boy let me get
another hit of that shit ( smoking) goddamn (coughing)
You olí trigga happy mutha fuckin youth