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Artist: Spice 1
Album:  187 He Wrote
Song:   I'm the Fuckin' Murderer
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Listen, studio gangsta
Studio gangsta, studio gangsta
Haven't you ever heard of a killa?

Ring-a-ding a ling, I'm called off
In this thang with the motherfuckin' sawed off
Niggaz that sleep don't wake up
‘Cause I put the gauge to your nuts
Have ya coughin' up piss and blood
Mark ass niggaz don't get no love
The evil ass nigga from the F-A-C
Bustin' out the hearse with the G-A-T
I went to my nigga on the Oakland block
He passed me the glock, said shoot the cop
Shit went crazy when I spilt the pig
Piggie in a blanket that's what we did
Ran down the alley hot wired the Probe
Flashbacks of a bloody cop suckin' a chrome
I'm lookin' up at my nigga and his name is G
G cocked the glock and looked back at me
I said my name is Spice 1 I never hearda ya
My name is Spice 1 I never hearda ya
My name is Spice 1 I never hearda ya
But a, 187 is a murderer

I'm the fuckin' murderer
I'm the fuckin' murderer
Haven't you ever heard of a killa?

Ya see I roll down, I r-roll down t-the block
Hand on the h-h-hand on the g-g-glock
Sevent-t-teen, sh-sh-shot
Seventeen niggaz, p-p-put a plot
My name is Sp-spice wiggedy-w-One
My uzi w-w-weigh a t-t-t-ton
I kicks the r-r-red r-r-rum
I leave your b-b-body n-n-numb
So keep a nigga c-c, keep a nigga c-calm
Lookin' for the b-b, lookin' for the b-bomb
Sell me a s-, sell me another O
Scandal for the p-p-p-p-po
Hurry up and break this nigga for his keys
Because his glizock is at my bizzoes before I freeze
The nigga with the n-n-nigga with the n-nine
Flat motherfuckin', flat motherfuckin' line


Niggaz d-d-don't uh-uh-uh-understand
I'm a m-m-mad m-m-man
Killin' for the k-k, killin' for the k-ki's
Ki's k-k-k, ki's g-g-G's
Dump a nigga, d-dump a nigga in a ditch
380 on a n-n-nigga, ass on b-bitch
Smobbin' with the sm-sm-smobbin' with the mud
Livin' like a l-l-livin' like a-a thug
Gatin' niggaz, gat-gatin' niggaz to a throne
Uzi, singa u-u-uzi sing a song
D-d-death w-w-wish
A cap in yo, a capacapa in your sloppy kiss
When a n-n-nigga, sw-sw-switch
It's a h-hollow t-t-tip
There ain't no safety on this double M
I got 17 shots, one for you and one for all a them
Hoes pushin' up daisy's niggaz can't fade me
I told you I was crazy ho
Ya know you wanna fuck with the gat, ratta tat tat
Murder fact and it's like that
Nigga shit