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Artist: Spice 1
Album:  187 He Wrote
Song:   I'm the #%!*&% Murderer
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"Heh, heh, heh heh listen, studio gangsta, studio gangsta
Studio gangsta, haven't you ever heard of a killa"

Verse 1
Ring-a-ding-a-ling I'm caught off
In this thang with the mutha fuckin' sawed off
Niggas that sleep don't wake up
Cause I'll put the gauge to your nuts
Have ya caughin' up piss and blood
Mark ass niggas don't get no love
The evil ass nigga from the F-A-C
Bustin' out the hersh with the G-A-T
I went to my nigga on the Okland block
He passed me the glock said shoot the cop
Shit went crazy when I spilt the pig
Piggy in a blanet thats what we did
Ran down the alley hotwired a broham
Flashbacks of a bloody cop suckin' the chrome
I'm lookin' up at me nigga and his name is G
G cocked the glock and looked back at me
Me say my name is Spice 1 I never heard a ya
My name is Spice 1 I never heard a ya
My name is Spice 1 I never heard a ya
But a, 187 is a murdera, byd-a-bye bye

(I'm the fuckin' murdera, I'm the fuckin' murdera
Haven't you ever heard of a killa)            ---RBX 

Verse 2
You see I roll down the ra-a-roll down the ba-a-block
Hand on the ha-a-hand on the ga-a-glock
Seventa-a-ta-a-teen sha-a-sha-a-shots
Seventeen na-a-niggas pa-a-pa-a-popped
My name is Spa-a-Spa-a-Spice Wiggedy-wa-a-One
My uzi wa-a-wa-a-weigh a ta-a-ta-a-ton
I kicks the ra-a-ra-a-red ra-a-ra-a-rum
And leave your ba-a-ba-a-body na-a-na-a-numb
So keep a nigga ka-a-keep a nigga ca-a-car
Lookin' for the la-a-lookin' for the ba-a-bar
Sell me a sa-a-sell me another O
Scatter from the pa-a-po pa-a-pa-a-poe
Hurry up and break this nigga for his keyes
Because his glizock is at my ba-a-balls I'm fa-a-freeze
The nigga with the na-a-nigga with the na-a-nine
Flatt mutha fuckin' flatt mutha fuckin' nine

( ) x2

Niggas da-a-da-a-don't understa-a-stand
I'm a ma-a-ma-a-mad ma-a-ma-a-man
Killin' for the ka-a-killin' for the ka-a-keyes
Keyes ka-a-ka-a-keyes ja-a-ja-a-g's
Dump a nigga da-a-dump a nigga in a ditch
380 on that na-a-nigga ass ba-a-bitch
Smobbin' wit the sma-a-smobbin' wit the ma-a-mug
Livin' like a la-a-livin' like a tha-a-thug
Gattin' niggas ga-a-gattin'  niggas stra-a-strong
Uzi sa-a-sa-a-sang a sa-a-sa-a-song
Da-a-da-a-da-a-death wa-a-wa-a-wish
A cappin' ya a ca-a-cappin' ya out the dish
Whan a na-a-na-a-nigga sla-a-sla-a-slip
This hollow ha-a-ha-a-hollow ta-a-ta-a-tip
There ain't no safety on this double limb
I got seventeen shots one for you and one for all a them
Hos pushin' up daisies niggas can't fade me
I told you I was crazy ho, but no
You wanna fuck wit the gat rata-tat-tat
Murder Fac and it's like that nigga shatt-ed

( ) x2