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Artist: Speak
Album:  Inside Out Boy
Song:   Limbo
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Comin on down, feelin higher than the shuttle
Face full of stubble and a smirk so suttle
that everybody around me swears I'm a con man
Tryin to get by like a sing-a-long song man
God damn, see my scheme ain't workin
So the shades on my eyes cover pain like a curtain
The ultimate joke but they never really certain
Because I never took nothin seriously
Sick of blue so I pick and choose in what I reveal
Lickin wounds in the dark then I tell em its real
Concealed, like a gun beneath the passenger seat
And its layer after layer buried under the beat
Oh so heavy that its messing up my cycle of sleep
And its hard to go forward when your hitting repeat
Now my whole night is thrown off (why?)
And my booty coast off, shit so I'm feelin blown off

I know need something to believe in
Tired of cried of crying at night
Tired of bleeding
Tired of hating myself for no reason
Shit, I guess I'm carried away

I thought I told you Speaky on the other shit
Higher than your upper lip, yellin "Fuck the Government"
Parliament, Funkadelic, relic, mothership
Got your bitch choosin of the baddest loudest colored pimp
In the room, and I am in the mood
To fuck her like an animal then howl at the moon
Baby, don't you know you bring me closer to God
But this passport I got will get me closer to Prog
Traveling bad all over her anatomy damn
I love her to death, like that +Addams Family+ man
+Raggedy Ann+ stiches for doll face bitches
They rippin at they seams, I'm fuckin in their jeans
Life is but a dream but I offer her a nightmare
A trip inside my head, you don't wanna spend the night there
Right there, right stroke love by them white folks
Who label me a phenom, fuck 'em and their high hopes