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Artist: Speak
Album:  Inside Out Boy
Song:   Craigslist Killer
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I'm a Craigslist killa, little Godzilla
Knocking over buildings, pushin over pillars
Tokyo Dome, home game type filler
I been around the world, ain't nobody iller
I'm not a white boy, I am no Mac Miller
I'm not an actor, I am no Ben Stiller
Told them little fuckers I was out in the upper
Echelon, when the pressure on I am never wrong
See hoes headbang like an Eddie Vedder song
Grunge, I make it rain like Seattle
I'm blockin up the sun, they can live in my shadow
Shake rattle ballin, bitches on the pill
I'm Charlie Sheen drunk, let the champagne spill
Can I get a clean up in the produce aisle?
I left a few cum stains on the new towel
(Clean up on aisle four!)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Uh, I'm a Craigslist killer killer
Uh, I'm a Craigslist killer killer
Uh, I'm a Craigslist killer
Been around the world, ain't nobody iller iller

Westside art goon Craigslist killer
Certified dope ask my drug dealer
Westside Ty, staying out in Beverly
Pills for the trills, I am of a different pedigree
See, I got them grinds by the bundle
It's out of this world, orgies on the shuttle
+Lost in Space+ in that cosmic rubble
Her drip wet bottle means I fuck, no cuddle
Shit, then I kick her to the curb
Who's the sickest in the burbs? Fuck them magazine blurbs
I rather have my words engraved on your nerves
And laugh as the fuckin meltdown occurs yeah