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Artist: South Park Mexican (SPM)
Album:  When Devils Strike
Song:   When Devils Strike
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Behind this walls, I'ma find out what's going on
I'm gonna find, the cure for our peoples down fall
I'm gone find out, why we filling up penitentiaries
Faster than they can build them
I'm gonna to find out, why half of our population
Is behind bars and penitentiaries and caught in the system
I'm gone to find out, why all of our people are getting locked up
I'm gonna find the answers, we're on the inside of this hat
I promise, we're only gonna get stronger

[Verse 1]
Just me and you, lets take the town over
You my best friend and a down soldier
At your apartments we can stack dollars
Families to see how the grass hoppers
So I trust you, love you like a brother
I wish you knew she's a  _  and I could  _  her
But I haven't, I know she hold your heart
You know the streets but you not so hoe smart
Fuck it though! Lets make fast fitty maine
Hits this muthafuckin' streets like some heavy rain
You got kick do' burglarers and murderers
If a fiend wants a front take his furniture
We a team, that's how it should of been
Whether shooting hoops or selling dope at Will & Glen
Public housing on Fridays pushing thousands
Fifty fifty together we was moving mountains

One day they will come
And try to take your life away
For when devils strike
It's a love thing
They just love to see you when you down mayne
For when devils strike

[Verse 2]
I get a call from my boy bout seven thirty
Eating pizza with my bitch watching Eddie Murphy
He said his working but something went wrong
I grab my gat and put my bullet prove vest on
He said meet him at Palace Inn room six
Turns out he was smoking crack with two chicks
He said "Los I took a few hits at two A.M
After that I haven't stopped until you came in
Got twelve rocks left out of forty foo
Take what I got or I'll smoke 'em too
See the money started coming in real late
So I tried some, just to be awake
I thought it be like coke that's why I did it
But man it's like ten times more addictive"
That night he turned into a crack head
A month later, my boy looked half dead


[Verse 3]
Cops caught him with a pipe full of residue
I was sad but I felt it would help him too
He got two years now his getting healthier
His in the pen, and I regret I felt for her
I took her out to a place called Wizard Lounge
She had soda, me I was zipping Crown
We agreed on a friendly date, no touching
By the end of the night we was both fuckin'
At my trailer was the first time that we did it
I know it hurts, so I won't get that specific
But remember on the first day you got out?
And we met right in front of your mom's house
I cried like a pig, I was feeling low
I couldn't tell you, cause I knew you would kill the hoe
I was mad at me and I hated her
A month later, she asked if I came in her
She got pregnant and didn't know whose it was
If you high right now, you might lose your buzz
But in court, she lied and said it never happened
Now she suing for the money that I get from rappin'
I lost the case, but how did I expect to win?
When my jury didn't have one Mexican
And they knew I didn't do that dumb shit
Now I gotta show 'em who they  _  with