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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Baby Bash
Album:  When Devils Strike
Song:   Something About Mary
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Baby, locked up...I miss you so much
You'll always be my girl

This is a love song, y'all, about this girl
Sometime she a dike like a [??]
Sometime she like boys to pull her red hair
Sometimes it's so good it make it hard to share
We been married since I was thirteen years old
Acapulco Gold, hit the bong and reload
White shark, white widow, and white rhino
I'm hooked on 'ponics, that's all I know
So much skunk, jack, herra, and super silva' hays
I haven't smoked regularly since fuckin' happy days
Mangolia, edno, Bubble Gum, and Blueberry
All these names 'cuz it's something about Mary

[Chorus, Russell Lee]
There's something about Mary
She's always on my mind, all the time

[Baby Bash]
She look me dead with green eyes and I'm mesmerized
She that fluffy that's gon' take me up to paradise
Because I vaporize, and I take the flight
She the breezy comin' easy and she makes it right
I'ma go, I'ma go, stuff her in optmos
Go buy some cereal, and laugh like its comical
We do it abominable, just like the snowman
Humungous we blow man, so I fucks with real dope man
And a nigga' can't tell me shit about this Mary Jane
Most of y'all favorite rappers in the game is hella' scary mayne'
Take it how you want it, take it 'cuz I'ma wake it, bake it
She love it how I beat it up so tough, that's why she's naked

There's something about Mary
She's always on my mind, all the time

Me and my homies, we play this game
We call it the bong show, an interesting' name
We hit it blindfolded and try to guess
What the strand it of the hydro [??]
Is it Orange Crush, or maybe Black Widow
Blowin' endo with Mario Galendo
I smoke what a push, sticky purple cush
'Cuz even God spoke through the burning bush
Victor Barren, Ebola, Endosia
I grow it at my ranch on the [?Pon de Roza?]
Bionic, chronic, hydroponic
My dog at my stash and I made that bitch vomit
Its true, she my gal. I'll never leave her
I once made a bong out an old steam cleaner
I need her, she makes my life complete
And I know she loves me too 'cuz she makes me eat

There's something about Mary
She's always on my mind, all the time
There's something about Mary
She's always in my brain, she's my thang'