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Artist: South Park Mexican
Album:  Time Is Money
Song:   Medicine
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[South Park Mexican]
(Verse 1)
All this time, you've been mine, heaven-sent Valentine
And just like that, my life stopped on the dime
I can't stop cryin'
Inside, I'm dyin'
I caught you red-handed
That's what I get for spyin'
But I've been suspicious
Cause you done caught me with some bitches
But you promised not to shoot me with the same triggers
You didn't know the new Benz I just bought you
Could be tracked by satellite
If that's how I caught you
Oh baby, why
In the past, I've been unfaithful
I can't believe it
I feel like
This nigga raped you
But you allowed it
You gave yourself to a coward
I'm a bury both of you
And still buy you flowers

Chorus: South Park Mexican
Remember when
Our love would never end
But now, I am
Tastin' my own medicine
Remember when
Our love would never end
But now, I am
Tastin' my own medicine

(Verse 2)
It's disturbin'
It's sick
I keep thinkin' 'bout this shit
I wanna spit
On your face, while you lie in a ditch
You forgave me
But I just can't forgive you
Cause it ain't the same
I can't explain it, but it's true
It's way worse
I never felt pain like this
I can't take you back, you fuckin' nasty ass bitch
You destroyed me
You ruined
Everything I worked for
A house with an elevator
A spa on the third floor
I still love you
But never in my life will I touch you
You disgust me
Your beautiful face became ugly
I just wish it was a dream
And that I could wake up
But it's real
So I keep
Gettin' drunk
As fuck

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
I'm home waitin' for you
You don't know that I know yet
You probably gettin' fucked right now
Sippin' some Moet
I checked the address
It's some dude named Paul
Thirty-three years old
Oh yeah
I checked it all
Probably met him at the mall
Spendin' up my cash
G-string up your ass
Wearin' tight ass pants
Oh my
Look who just pulled up in her Benz
"Where you been at, girl?"
"Oh, doin' some errands"
"Take your shit off
Let me smell you"
"What you thinkin' 'bout?"
"I know where you've been
Shut your motherfuckin' mouth
Whose house is this?
And who the hell is Paul?
What you mean this ain't a house?
This where you took the dog?
You mean
This the vetinarians's office?
You got the Parvo shots
For the puppy I just bought us?"
"It's some old man named
Dr. Paul Seigel
Here's the business card
In case I don't believe you
Call him up right now"
"Nah baby, that's okay
You know I trust you
I love you
That's all day
Why is my face red?
It looks like I've been cryin'?
Ha ha
Gangstas don't cry, baby
Don't even try it"

Repeat Chorus

[South Park Mexican]
This song is dedicated for all you niggas fuckin' over the women you love
If she don't get you back
Your conscience will
And if she's not happy
Then you'll never be happy
That's just the way it goes
It's the SPM
It don't never quit