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Artist: South Park Mexican
Album:  Time Is Money
Song:   Hillwood Hustlaz II
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Chorus: South Park Mexican
Hillwood, hustlers
You can't, see us
We run, Houston
Thousands, of tons

[South Park Mexican]
(Verse 1)
I'll take my gun, and make you run
Cause it really don't make me numb
Slip through the hood, dope, I cook
Deliver my life the best I could
Robin Hood, youngest crook
Here they come now, watch, y'all look
Go by the book, charge, I shook
It's that Mexican, dance with wolves
Swimmin' pools, we some fools
Diamonds and them ruby jewels
Makin' moves, gator shoes
Just last week, I made the news
They accused, but I won't lose
Momma's happy, daddy's cool
What about you, what do you do
If you young, stay in school
We stay true, Dope House crew
Smokin' yabba-dabba-doo
Jammin' Screw, we brand new
Followin' up this plan I drew
SP Mex, bubble jet
Countin' dollars and them cents
Kick your door down and have you
Tryin' to jump your own fence

[South Park Mexican]
Tryin' to jump your own fence
Have you tryin' to jump your own fence
Jump your own fence

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
You haters ain't no friend of mine
Boys, don't wanna let me shine
But that's all fine, take in mine
Bust a rhyme, like a nine
How many times do I have to tell y'all
All my life, I've been called a failure
Write my friends, in the pen
"Are y'all gettin' these letters I mailed ya"
Rock and roll, optimals
Then go eat at Poppa Dough's
So many hoes in the club
Pull my cash and buy them all a rose
'84, story goes
On about that boy Carlos
Sippin' fours, hittin' dro
But never put nothin' up my nose
Body froze, casket closed
Nightmares of the life I chose
Try my dope and overdose
Suckin' up my killer flow
Freestyle pro, (???)
Silky socks and matchin' clothes
Momma told me, "Life was like ballet
You gotta stay on your toes"
Crackin' jokes, spin a spoke
Silly question, do I smoke
Breakfast, milk and Quaker Oats
Eighty thousand dollar boat
Better not puff, better not pout
SPM is in your town
El Coyote in el monte
A.K. Senor Charlie Brown

Repeat Chorus

(Spoken Verse)
[SPM]    The barbarian
         Look where we buried him
         In the hole, right next to the librarian
         I married in
         To the very end
         Have your kids
         Askin', "Daddy
         Who were those scary men"
         Make a stripper bitch
         Wanna be my fuckin' wife
         She told me
[Female] This the biggest tip I ever got in my life
[SPM]    Nothin' can save us, starched up Ben Davis
         Sellin' dope
         To my coked out neighbors
         First full trip and let my clip get to rippin'
         Blood drippin' out his shit, tryin' to run, but he limpin'
         I come from the slums, survived on crumbs
         I live like a man
         And I'm a die like one

Repeat Chorus Twice