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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Ayana M.
Album:  Time Is Money
Song:   He's a Bird, He's a Plane
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[South Park Mexican]
(Verse 1)
The Dope House
Got it snowin' in the summer
Drug runner
Fuck the "I'm-a-gonna-wanna"
Fast learner
Attack like piranah
My next
Big hit's called
Hubba, Hubba, Hubba
I smoke her cause I love her
Bought a Danny Glover
Now I'm burnin' rubber in somebody baby mother
I'm from the gutter, diggin' in your trash can
Fuckin' with my niggas, it'll be your last dance
I came up off the cut
Buyin' 'Llacs and trophy trucks
The only thing I
Sell is smokable products
In my all white chucks
Turn a man into dust
You wanna meet the devil, hun
You in a bad rush
I'm a keep a smile, I was born the crack child
Got the rap game shinin' up my reptiles
Make your ears ring when I sting like a scorpion
Pronounce him dead by 4 P.M.
Call me Los Kevorkian (Kevorkian...)

Chorus: Ayana M.
Some do it for the money and fame
He just don't wanna sell no more 'caine
Now his flow is a beautiful thang
SPM, he's a bird, he's a plane

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
In Hillwood (In Hillwood...)
We didn't have many choices
I'm hearin' noises outside, I hear voices
The Coys is a family who didn't have much
Except the love of a single mother's touch
The lust of money
Had me slangin' 'caine and weed
I was first on the block
And last to leave
Feel the rain as it falls on this
Tricky game
Breakin' 'caine, clear your sinuses
Like liquid drain
Lift my name, guess my pain is used
To entertain
A simple thing in every city seems like
Shit's the same
Born loser, V-12 cruiser
I opened up a store for the common drug user
Thirty-six eggs
Come from each chicken
Some of you ain't livin', fuckin' with the unforgiven
I'm wishin' I could hug those dead or in prison
They go to jail or hell, just because it's free admission

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Five on the dot
When I hit the crack spot
Thirty slab rocks in a little matchbox
Hoe ass cops hit the cut around seven
Caught a fiend with the pipe
And arrested him for resin
Fuckin' pigs
Want me so bad, they can taste it
But you bitches
Gonna have to settle for a basshead
Cause I don't slip
Broke quick, or bend a ship
Wrap a platinum hit
Make the police captain sick
Back street legends
The world feel my prescence
I'm the first man to
Touch it when the dope
Gets to Texas
You can keep the Lexus cause I bought two Benzes
On the microphone, I brake you off with one sentence
Stay aware for what's out there, I smell hate all in the air
They asked me what my race was
I told them, "It was player"
A very rare breed, almost extinct
The way I walk, the way I think
The shit I wear, the shit I drink
The way I stink
I smell like fruity hydroponic
When haters see my car
They turn around and vomit
I'm loco
Fuck any player hatin' joto
You ain't got no love for me
I ain't got no love tan poco (Poco...)

Repeat Chorus Twice