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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Baby Bash, Grimm, Low-G, Rasheed
Album:  Time Is Money
Song:   Don't Let Them Fool Ya
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Chorus: Baby Bash & Grimm
Don't let them fool ya
We just come to school ya
Glory, glory, hallelujah
No rediness
No blue, ah
You know
You know

Repeat Chorus 

[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
Now you be
Living that fast track 
Chasing that ass crack 
I be making my money, fucking with Dow Jones and NASDAQ
We be blowin' on fat sacks 
And catching amnesia with these heaters 
Making believers out of haters and cheaters 
You know that violence interupts my dope trade 
I just do the herb, no cocaine 
Don't be afraid, boy
To be all about your bread, boy
Better watch the devil, cause that devil, he the decoy 
All that hate in your veins 
Count your change and rearrange
Them games is played out, mayne
Them dirty Mex, they wanna stop it, but I'm a play ya profit
I get the dope, cook it up and rechop it 

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 2: South Park Mexican]
Smoking smelly
I put a hole in your belly
You wanna test us?
Oh, really
Got a call on my celly
They wanna bury us
You fuckin' haters sound hilarious
The craziest
I turn the brave to the scariest
Smoke water and get wetter than Aquarius
Million dollar budgets
I chop a bird and cook 36 chicken nuggets
My future's clear, just like a shot of vodka
I got love from Corpitos to Uganda
If you jealous
Listen up, fellas
It's no problem, to show you where hell is

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
While some niggas is stickin' with ya, your murder's being choreographed 
Soldiers never sleep, I got your back in the aftermath 
After the last laugh, when the motherfuckin' smoke clears
Niggas boke heads, chokin', hangin' like chandeliers
I bust at the man in the mirror 
Makin' my face crack
Replace that
Rasheed, Dope House killer, keep it comin' back
Or runnin' back
With a ball and chain in my hand 
Ain't no sustainin' the man, with the vision of the galaxy span

[Low G]
Respect that 
It's the million dollar wetback 
In jet black 
You cross my lina, get your head cracked 
Yeah, yeah
Ya tu sabes quien soy
Don't sweat me, boy
Ya tu sabes donde estoy 
I'm on the hunt, G
The only street, with the palm tree
This Low G 
I only rap 'bout what is done, G
Can't stop me
Came to your city on a donkey 
The slaver
I'm bringing back the word "flava"

Repeat Chorus Twice

[South Park Mexican]
He's on crack
She's on snow
He's so old, he can't fuck no more
She's a whore
He's a snitch
Most of my niggas dying over a bitch