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Artists: South Park Mexican f/ Low G
Album:   Time is Money
Song:    Throw Away Gats
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[South Park Mexican] 
Personly, I feel my people is cursed to be 
Ridas till eternity 
My enemies tryna murder 
Hot as an enfernity 
But I clocked my doe verbaly 
Curently I push a benz out of Germany 
Tryna stay alive till I'm old and in the nerssary 
My dead homies wife said today's they anniverssary 
His blood on the seat done dried and turned burgandy 
Dead on arrival there was no need for surjary 
Purposly left to die in his Mercury 
But he was the smart nigga on his way to university 
It's hurting me, that he's lying in the earth beneath 
It's fucked how we dying over turfs of streets 
I heard this beat so I had to be first to speak 
Helping my raza seems to be what works for me 
Certainly I got killas doing dirt for free 
Burst the heat cuase I never learned to turn my cheeks 

To the gunshow today 
And bought a throw away 
It's time to go to war is what the homies say 
A different beat, a different rap 
A different fool, a different gat 
Sorry but we're never gonna go away 
[Repeat 2x] 

[South Park Mexican] 
Fast life 
My mom say's I'm a sad sight 
Wake up and finish the beer I had last night 
Glass pipes, soround my two bedroom trailer 
Doctor feel good I graduated from Baylor 
With Taylor made suits, real loose, a gym with masus 
My hood is full of hustlers and fiends that play their flutes 
We shoot you first, I can see that my future's cursed 
At the club with the gat inside my ruka's purse 
To the hearst or to the nurse 
You bicthes getting to my nerves 
Mad cause my song came on and your girlfriend knew the words 
You stupid nerds 
We pushing birds 
Aztecs run this universe 
My people living blind cuase every time they look it hurts 
Now push reverse, way before the two benzes 
Way before my bicth was wearing 8,000 dollar dresses 
I was broke but happy 
And now I'm rich and angry 
Cuase you haters ain't got the nuts to say that you can't stand me 

[Chorus] Repeat 2x 

[Low G] 
En el segundo 
Won't you come and step to my mundo 
Soy prisionero 
Este jale por si me muero 
Es mi destino 
Leaving muertos en el camino 
Soy assesino 
Mi primo es el materino 
Desiadado, wacth your back porque soy mojado 
Violento ya tu sabes de donde vengo del centro 
Atracando con mi matraca 
Lone Star State thats my motherfucking placa 
You heard about me ese vato si te mata 
Como El Zapata a mi jente le doy la plata 
Yo ando a pata los pinches haters no se escapan 
Con El Chedar nunca jueges con mi dinero 
Saco primero soy mas weno que un marinero 
I se me muero mama entiera me en el ghetto 

[South Park Mexican] 
Dope House impire strikes again 
You jealous bicthes say hello to my little friend 

[Gun shots from Low G's AR15] 

[Chorus] Repeat 2x