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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Bing, Grimm
Album:  Latin World Hip-Hop Volume III
Song:   Mafiosos
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[Al Pacino, from "Scarface"]
This town like a great big pussy, just waitin to get fucked
I'm tellin you, I, I shoulda come here ten years ago
I'da been a, a millionaire by this time
By this time, I'd have my own boat, my own car, my own golf course
In this country, you gotta make the money first
Then when you get the money, you get the power
Then when you get the power, then you get the women
That's why you gotta make your own moves

I come from the under, bring the rain and the thunder
double pumper a burnin' rubber in yo baby mother
Fuck supper, I'll eat yo bitch ass up for breakfast
In Texas, we blast first and then ask questions
Competition, all you can do is keep wishin'
you need to shut yo muthafuckin' ass up and listen
The prison system's winnin', a losin' battle
Puttin' hate in our heart, we got more beef than cattle
Mexicans killin' Mexicans I'm tired of you jealous men
Mad cause I'm movin' on up like the Jeffersons
Easy pickins, I made a livin' cookin' chickens
The sickest, now my flow is harder than my dick is
You bump your two lips and I'ma bust my two clips
That's two hollow tips to make you do two flips
Cause I'm a fool and a nut that really don't give a fuck
Buckle up and do a drive-by in my grandpa's truck

[Al Pacino, from "Scarface"]
Look, the time has come; we gotta expand
The whole operation, distribution
New York, Chicago, L.A
We gotta set our own mark, and enforce it
We gotta think big now

I got my mind on dollar signs, blowin' lime dimes of pine
My time to shine, you don't know Bing man he fine
Proceed to shine, and blind, dedicated to my rhymes
Top down, showin' spine, as I crawl on the grind
See I shut 'em down.  Stop flexin' I'm bustin' rhymes
Bullet clips and slimes, you stop up at the stop sign
Think sharp like Einstein, syrup and crush combined
Drippin' paint on recline, keep my broads in line
Come and find these niggaz swear to God they wreckin' the scene
I'm so tired like Al Green; oh you ain't heard about Bing?
Baby moma's on ding-a-ling, they exposin the G-String
Say they panties got wet, the first time that they peeped me
I ain't no hoe, I sip 4's, get throwed and watch sports
Swangin' '84's, indo, blowin' 'dro on the road
Stackin' C-notes, makin' bitch niggas full of they own dope
'til the day that I go southeast in Grando fo sho

[Al Pacino, from "Scarface"]
I know all that bullshit, save your breath
You got nothing on me
You know it, I know it
I'm changing dollar bills
You wanna waste my time? Okay
Call my lawyer
He's the best lawyer in Miami
He's such a good lawyer
That by tomorrow morning, you're gonna be working in Alaska

Woke up this morning, in a room that was padded up
Strapped to the bed, couldn't move, got me mad enough
I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Where am I, what have I done?"
They stuffed my mouth so I couldn't bite my tongue
then they opened my arm and a needle stung
from the lithium the maximum sedation
Seven hours later I made a vague interrogation
They sayin' I burnt this man, and his wife, and they kids
It appears none of them lived, I can't remember if I did
But they insist that I'm the arsonist, claimin' that my part in this
was that I doused the bodies in the dark and stayed up off of this
But not before I snapped the necks of each and everyone of 'em
Only cause it's cleaner than the runnin' up and gunnin' 'em
Then I stacked them up and grabbed the gas for the soakin' 'em
Actin' like they dead while the fumes was just chokin' 'em
Now it's comin' back to me, reality, that would be
Yes I set the fire that's beyond the common casualty

[Al Pacino, from "Scarface"]
What you think I am, huh?
What you think I am a fuckin' worm like you?
I told you already, I told you, don't fuck with me!
I told you, no fuckin kids, no but you wouldn't listen
[gunfire], [scream], [splash]