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Artist: South Park Mexican (SPM) f/ Baby Bash, Rasheed
Album:  Held Up Soundtrack
Song:   Dyin' Over Nuttin'
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[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
I got too much root of all evil
This is for my people
Once again, it's Don Carlito
Top maestro, 7-11, on my dice roll
My nice flow
Got me fuckin' on a Spice hoe
In every region
I'm in war with the demon
But Death won't forgive life, until they even
I'm picture perfect
Don't know if I deserve it
I got a message, whoever left this in the service
To return to the land of the lost
Cause life is a mirage
They just barkin' like dogs
I'll make you rotten meat
Take your fucking body heat
You don't wanna see the day
That you in my shiny meat
Just because your freak
Is all on my nuts
It's funny that you silly niggas dyin' over sluts
My work is tedious, I tell you, hoes is devious
Blast my tech
That's what you get for not believin' us

Chorus: South Park Mexican (Rasheed in background)
Y'all be dying over nothin'
Trustin' friends and lovin' hoes
Y'all be dying over nothin'
Where it stops, nobody knows
Y'all be dying over nothin' (Y'all be dumped, lift off, down to a block)
Jealous people everywhere (Dump in the trunk, go and cock, my glock, rock)
Y'all be dying over nothin' (Y'all be dumped, lift off, down to a block)
Cause if you step, I'll take you there (Dump in the trunk, go and cock, my glock, rock)

[Verse 2: Rasheed]
In my vacinity, Henny blazin', ain't it amazin'
Burnin' like razors
Tryin' to make a come up, livin' up in this haven
Taking advantage
Gotta manage (Mayne)
By any means
Livin' like a fiend, gotta get more than these beans
Currency cu-currently comin' at a fast pace
Remember my face
Gotta watch for the cops and the chase
My homeboy South Park Mexican rollin' the big body
Benzo, Californ-I-A into St. Lorenzo
It's kind of pitiful, people be in critical
Condition, I'm on the mission for my paper in the expedition
I'm lookin' out for the paparazzi, cameras that watch me
For the bacon do not get in there because I'm sharper than a (Texan)
(???) Ronalds
Connections with the Mexicanos
Lights on mi mano
Comin' hermano
Check my litter, any niggas in, literally
Cause I be kickin' that shit
That be better than a little bit
Never quote

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Baby Bash]
Now it's that man again, all the way to stand again
Tryin' to get your boy twenties in this land of sin
But I demand to win, and I keep my head above water
And mayne, I'll puff in all corners and cause a public disorder
Who wanna cross up my name, crunk and floss on that thang
Y'all see, y'all them type of squares, that get tossed out the game
Y'all think I'm bluffin' and barkin', mayne
Y'all must be retarted, mayne
Look, the shit you done started, mayne, got ya shittin' and fartin', mayne
I don't get even, I get hard, break it down like the broad
And mayne, I'm shakin' the frost, and boy, I'm fakin' the laws
Cause I got weight on my balls and I'm a dawg about feri'
I keep 'em heavy in the Chevy, fa' sho
I'm oh-so dizzy

Hook: Baby Bash
Ready with immediate action
Go to war with a passion
Ignitin', fightin' and blastin', but can't
Find satisfaction

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus