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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Angela P, Baby Beesh
Album:  Reville Park
Song:   I Need a Sweet
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[South Park Mexican {*dialing*}]
Man, let me call this boy, man
Hey, your boy doing bad

[Juan Gotti] Dope House Records
[SPM]        What up, Gotti
             Say man, I need a ride to the weed house man
[Juan Gotti] Fa sho', homeboy, I'll be right there

[South Park Mexican]
I need a sweet
With short red hair
And when a sweet
I need to be there
I need a sweet
Hear what I say
A killer sweet
To get me through the day

[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
I need a sweet
So I can blow
A forty dollar sweet
Full of indo
I got a buzz
Uh hun, that's why I does
I put diamonds on my daughter's hairbrush
In this times
Of hate and pain
We need a remedy
To get us out the rain
A little greed
I been thinking
Of what I need
Purple leaves
With crystal flakes
If it's not hydro, please get that out my face
Two-twenty five for a half of O-Z
In the club, with my homeboy Joey T
My science project was in the school arena
Cause I made a bong out this old steam cleaner
Ya mon

Chorus: South Park Mexican
I need a sweet
With short red hair
And when a sweet
I need to be there
I need a sweet
Hear what I say
A killer sweet
To get me through the day
Help me out
I need a sweet
I really do
I need a sweet
Can I smoke a few
I need a sweet
To get me right
I need a sweet
Everyday and everynight

(Verse 2)
[Angela Perez] I need a sweet
               To calm my nerves {*inhale, exhale*}
               A swisha sweet
               Filled with killer herbs... {*coughing*}
               I wanna fill it, roll it, hit it, smoke it
               Hydro-ponic's what I blow, it
               Don't matter what time...
               I just wanna get high...
               But wait
               I fiend for the greens obscene
               Always wanna smoke like a damn chimney
               Motherfuckers call me Miss Big Cheat
               But I don't give a fuck cause I love my weed
               Step up to the club to the V.I.P.
               All the fuckin' ballers like "Up your sweets"
               Yeah, everybody know I make it H-O-T
               Me and mary jane, that's all I need
[SPM]          Come on, Beesh
[Baby Bash]    I need an
               S to the W, double E, T
               If you smoke with Baby Beesh, don't tell the police
               Cause I'm on that paper, mayn, that's wrong
               Cal with a sweet and fat O-zone
               If you want that dope
               I got a boat load
               While my girl got my baby momma in a chokehold
               Smoke til my eyes turn Japaneese
               Me and Carlos lit half-a-tree
               Now I don't pimp
               A jigalow
               I blow big indo with my niggaros
               Gotta mouth full of cotton cause I'm off green butter
               Marijuana, mayn, I love her
[SPM]          This some good ass weed, Beesh
[Baby Bash]    Ain't it, though?
               I will not think they'll play this on the radio
               I hope so, I need to pay my rent
               Now split that sweet down the middle, pimp

Repeat Chorus

[South Park Mexican]
Man, that was some good ass weed, bro
I'm feeling good
Uh hun, my name is Los
Uh hun, I'm feeling good

{*Juan Gotti and SPM laughing*}
[Juan Gotti] You a fool, nigga
[SPM]        Yeah, I'll take me to that next dimension, homie
[Juan Gotti] Aight, yeah