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Artist: (South Park Mexican) f/ Low-G, Grimm, Happy P, Rasheed
Album:  The Purity Album
Song:   Whatever You Do
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Who is that?
What does it mean?
Lone Star Ridaz
Happy Perez
The self record
The brown recluse
Low Genius
The first to be
Pepe Pepe

[Chorus: Low-G and Happy P]
Whatever you do 
Homie don't fuck wit my clicka
Mi Nina Rosa es me chicka
[Happy P]
Nigga what?
Repeat 4x

[Verse 1: Low-G]
I rolla from Houston to Minnesota
I got a chola
Wit coca cola en la cola
I thought you know ha
Comin straight from Cinaloa
Ready to blowa
A muthafucka not a batta
A wetback is down and dirty for his dolla
You took the Chevy behind my back
No mi diheses in mi carra
Es slicka
Como diha con mi cuidaja
Con mucha perika
Don't fuck wit my clicka

[Chorus: Low-G and Happy P]
Repeat 4x

[Verse 2: Happy P and Grimm]
[Happy P]
Now everyday I wake up
Lace my jay's up
Get on my grind fool
You best a pay up
And I ain't down wit dat pay cut
My niggas will leave yo fuckin body
For the police to be tapin up
Scrape it up
Gotta get mo cuz I can't get enough
These fuckin niggas cryin like hoes when they think it's up
Happy P maan wetblack oyu can bet that
You bustin at me
And I'ma bust back ya bitch
That trip you bout to take 
I done took it shit the best
This what was blessed
I looked my best
I took the ref 
Then took the rep
I should confess 
If it ain't fo the chest
Then you ain't gonna take the test
See a man can't play wit nothin less
In the past pump niggas got it pressed
Gotta keep em guessin by the left
From the front or from the back
Gotta keep my one hundred stacks
Ki's got it unda that
Young and strapped with each hand
Since my hustlin began
See a cop and fleed the block
Anyway a G can

[Chorus: Low-G and Happy P]
Repeat 4x

[Verse 3: Rasheed]
Strategic leave em paraplegic
My legion run in Norweiga huh
In the demons
In the middle of the night
Ya head will have you screamin
Red cream dead fiends dead fiends
My team dugga a limousine with players a quarantine
 Nigga wanna go to war
Go raw
From the east to the west coast dawg
Go to war in the front door
My gina my nina rollin in the ciyo
In the ghetto betta known as the bario
Go strong
Blast long
I gets my blast on
Roll in the cast on
With a black mask on
Droppin niggas till they gone
Who is that?
What does it mean?
Come to the underground
Gun tactics visit the undascene
Coats pop 
Muthafucka we shot em down
Rasheed got nuts stand on enemy ground
Don't speak 
Ghetto melodies
In my brain
Silent wit jack o lanterns in this wicked game

[Chorus: Low-G and Happy P]
Repeat till fade