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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Grimm, Ike Man
Album:  Power Moves: The Table
Song:   Since Day 1
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[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
It's been a lot of years I've been knowin' these boys
If I got a Benz, I hope they drive a Rolls Royce
See the thing with us, stayin' together is a must
Chunk Ike the deuce on my junior high bus
See, we parle since the breakdance days
Now it's '99, still on the fast lane
Man, I'm a dog, if I was a cat, I'd be in heaven
Cause I'd past nine lives back in '87
Deep in this rap, but it's just like the streets
I see the same killers
Hustlers and freaks
I remember you, sellin' white on the cut
Now you most hated on the mic hollin', "What"
Choppin' up the scene, while we puffin' trees
One family and two companies
SPM bring the movement, let's do this, baby
Skin tight homies since the early eighties

Chorus: South Park Mexican & Grimm
We all around the world
On the mission for meals
Keep it crunk, it's for real
Blowin' on kill
Niggas already
Know, we gonna ride fa sho
Ike Man, and that Grimm in the door
About Benjamins
So the quest begins, who wanna step
To the three coldest Mexicans
But don't play dumb
When you see the spray gun
Cause we been
Down together since day one

[Verse 2: Ike Man]
Los, I'm packin'
Nothin' but stacks, unless it's flippin' in 'Llacs
Big body Benzes and Jags, we count
Hundreds in cash
There ain't no stoppin' us now
We deep in love with this pay
And all these lavish ass things, like 18K Cartier
We comin'
Creased with these J's, we stayin' tight with these spades
We high rollin', we paid, we got respect cause we made
I'm livin' deep in this game, and ain't no way I'm a change
These busters knowin' my name, but ain't no way they can hang
With a Mexicano like Ike
Soy veterano for life
In Jam Down, the commision they got my name up in lights
I represent for them thugs, that ride them Vogues and push drugs
And smoke the best of the buds, and save the rest for them scrubs

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Grimm]
I burn the sess, ain't nothin' less, I got the "S" on my chest
I been blessed by my best, you know the real get no rest
We comin' through with Power Moves, it ain't no rules in this game
The same as movin' the caine
We move the music with chains
And that's my chase for all my paper, plates with chips on the table
Bet them all and I'm able, cause Jam Down is the label
That's on the hunt
For millions or billions, ready for more
We 'bout settle the score, we worldwide and on tour
I call my boy South Park
The Mexican, and it's on
We reminisce gettin' blow', been best of friends for so long
Back in the days, we made the pay from every gram we weighed
But now it's slammed to stay, you pay for jams we played

Repeat Chorus

[South Park Mexican & Grimm]
We all around the world
We all around the world
We all around the world
We all around the world

Repeat Chorus