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Artist: South Park Mexican
Album:  Power Moves: The Table
Song:   Runaway
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[Ayana M.]
Run for your life
He's returned

[South Park Mexican]
(Verse 1)
I ain't worked for two years, guess who's back
Still, my whole albums sell like crack
Blow endo, out the window, of my Limo
Sleepin' with my heat in my pillow
I really don't give a damn who you are
Understand that you dealin' with a shootin' star
Competition never heard of it
I hit permanent (Did I murder it)
The urban kid learnin' quick 'bout earnin' grip
Got more eightball than a pool tournament
Swervin' in 'Burban, still Cadillac, and
Still pack the mack and, still battle rappin'
Drop like Geronimo
Got piranah flow
You a bit too young, but your momma know
I'm pit vicious, never ficticious
In this
Cause emcees so delicious

Chorus: Ayana M.
Run for your life
He's returned
Run for your life
He's returned

(Verse 2)
Like next of kin, get revenge
Never stop settin' trends
To the level of excellence
Still stackin' dead presidents
It's evident
I'm Texas sent
Who plex get proper measurment
So referrees
Sellin' cheese
Yes, siree
Rest in peace
Been that way for centuries
Took chemistry
Of blessin' fiends
We the men of empty dreams
My every
Influenced by street tragedies
Got family
Tried jackin' me
A lot of fun that'll be

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
White pasta
Steak and lobster
Satay shrimp, five different sauces
Craw fish, sausage, even ostrich
Why just run from the crack monters
Of the world that lost us
My nina ross does wonders what do cross us
Don't care what you call us
Livin' cautious, takin' no loses
Own my own office, got no accomplice
The thought of bosses makes me nautious
Promised, mom, this time, it's honest
Drop hits
And make legitamite profits
From a street college
Reach for the top, just
Watch the coppers
Imposter hate true mobsters
Cause we lost trust
And we all bust

Repeat Chorus