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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ 2-Tone, Lil' Russ
Album:  Power Moves: The Table
Song:   Peace Pipe *
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* pre-censored before release

[South Park Mexican]
What's really goin' on
My people
We on the rise
We just open our eyes
Do you see what makes us weak
Killin' each other for a color
Right now as I speak
Understand the cowards act fools
But the bravest of men
Obey Gods rules

[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
I see my streets full of hustlers sellin' dope
Creeping trophy trucks and buzz on killer smoke
I see older folks turn away
They disgusted
On the money that I earn a day
And they been busted but
Everybody paid for
Tha way they live
May I be, on my way, Lord
I make a wish
I see mothers on crack
G's gotta serve 'em
Everybody wanna stack
Ki's, it don't hurt them
Cold blooded, will it ever be
Ain't no love
You can die and still never see
That the blood
That you spillin' is your own kind
Now, take a look
Who you killin' when you go blind
All the years
Sellin' bricks black taught me well
That life
Only gives back what you can sell
And this message is
Colored by dispairity
Since adolescence
These streets wanna marry me
And it's on

Chorus: 2-Tone
We're gonna take control
Take our place, how to tote 'em bowls
You know we got to blow
That peace pipe
Peace pipe
We're gonna take control
No matter where we go
You know we got to blow
That peace pipe
Peace pipe

[Verse 2: Lil' Russ]
Stop the greed
As I proceed to blaze
And recollect my thoughts, cause we livin' in the last stage
Of Revelations
Doomed for a devastation
So before I die, I'm a bring about this unification
Spreadin' love
All across the whole nation
Sheddin' tears, for my peers, and all this [{*shit*}] we facin'
Cause Lord knows
This Mexicano had it bad
Just like the rest, of my people had, in the past
Livin' in misery
Sufferin' through poverty
But I'm a help my fellow brothers through this struggle, G
Lil' Russ
Well, let it be known, worldwide
So I'm a reunite mi gente til we unified

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: South Park Mexican]
Bandanas flaggin' everywhere
Clamin' sets
Gangstas playin' double dare
Aimin' techs
Many people heard of me
When I was lost
Involved in a dirty dead
With Nina Ross
Always was the fool, dad
Was at the party
But my steel hammer pulled back
Thank God, he done
Turned into a better man
My second chance
But I don't think I ever can
Forget the past
We was kids playin' football
Havin' fun, and
Now we playin' shoot y'all
With real guns
One time for my dead friends
I do my best
So the trigger happy trend ends
So you can rest

Repeat Chorus Twice

Peace pipe
Peace pipe
Peace pipe
Peace pipe
Peace pipe
Peace pipe