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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ P.K.O.
Album:  Power Moves: The Table
Song:   Illegal Amigos
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[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
No nuts, no glory
Hear the whole story
I'll be on stage, when you kill that punk for me
Drink some more forty
Fuck my little shorty
Pick out your ride
Luxurious or sporty
Money is no object, for this killer project
I buy you a low-low
That bounce like a hot check
You always have my back
My number one soldado
Watch that time fly on this diamond lace movado
I'm rollin' in the two tone Corvette
My third wife
Ain't even born yet
I'm Dope House Records
Bang out of Texas
Real niggas eatin' emcees for breakfast
When they hand me the steel
Get your family killed
Like Amityville
The ink in my pen shoot poison from a blow pipe
I pimp two bitches, Mary Jane and Snow White

Chorus 1:
[Carolyn] Who can hang
          With illegal amigos
[SPM]     Illegal, amigos, from LBs to kilos
[Carolyn] Who can hang
          With illegal amigos
[SPM]     Illegal, amigos, stackin' them C-notes

[Verse 2: Blunt Masta C]
See a frown
On my motherfuckin' face
Is it the place
Dig in my pocket
Nothin' but big face
Dollar billers
See me rollin' in these streets
With these motherfuckin' killers
Get on my lap
Make a left
On Hillah
Givin' shouts out
At that, yo SPM, pass me the gat
So I can show these motherfuckers
Where my heart is at
Catch me in the back of that Benzino
Countin' on my C-notes
Nigga JP
Where the fuck we gon' go
Blowin' all this smoke
Straight flowin' out the window
I thought you knew, we blowin'
Two sticks of endo
No turnin' back, bro
Continue on my hustle, though
I ain't comin' up short
Must maintain
Ain't that right, hoe
You see me at the show
Chillin' with them blunt masters
Twisted off that green dragon sticky
With that (???)
You couldn't even see me
Talkin' 'bout
Ain't that Chuy from the T.V.

Chorus 2:
[Carolyn] Who can hang
          With illegal amigos
[SPM]     Illegal, amigos, puttin' it down for my primos
[Carolyn] Who can hang
          With illegal amigos
[SPM]     Illegal, amigos, stayin' incognito

(Verse 3)
Illegal amigos, yeah
They be my people
We connected like dots, exchangin' C-Notes from kilos
Ask my nigga Nino
He know
How to make
A hundred thousand dollars if we
Started from zero
Now, we got connections from Chicago to L.A. (L.A.)
The whole west, we even got Matigo Bay (Matigo Bay)
We go
House of pounds, and then
Kis to kis
And I still
Keep my eyes on my

K-Sam, we big ballin'
That's what I'm tellin' my people
Afilliated, la conecta
Illegal amigos
Blunt Masta C, South Park, Mexican
Brown Tribe, Nino, and my boy K-Sam
Outlaw hoodlums
And the eses
Chuy Loco, Falcon, and Lack Mischiefs
Illegal amigos, the Mexican connection
Everythang from kis to pounds, to automatic weapons
Big ballin'

Repeat Chorus 1

[Verse 4: South Park Mexican]
As the sun goes down, we begin to post up
I done cook my coke up, and my dope is no punk
Don't fight the fillin'
Eventually, you give in
SPM, rock the world that you live in
Street raised for combat
Hollin', "Where them bomb at"
Fuck hoes and all that
Bitches is a drawback
I go, all out
Walk down the wrong route
Gone south
Knew what I'm talkin' 'bout
Y'all doubt my potential, my credentials
I twist y'all niggas up like pretzels
Man, quien soy
Carlos Coy
Eighty G's a month, stayin' self-employed
Killin' 'em softly, raisin' 'em off me
They askin' me if I'm the best
I tell 'em, "Probably"
You fellas just jealous, on my dick like relish
I promise I'm a show your bitch ass what hell is

Repeat Chorus 2