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Artist: South Park Mexican
Album:  Power Moves
Song:   The Forgotten Verse
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Like that, mm.....

Spoken:New cheese, cd's, and l.p's, playa hating lies raise of these
Fuck what your talking bout we from the south, we gonna put it down put it in
your  face
Know what I'm saying?..

Yo man a nigga gotta say something to this track
I hate to interrupt y'll boys freestyling but we do it like this..

Mother fucker laid back in your cadillac
let me jump in your trunk like back to back
Stayed real for life, roll down south
Fixing to rent shop with the home town crowd
My alias be that South Park Mexican
flowing throw your veins like medicine
You got freestyle, wanna be down
real ballers fight for the rebound
G-town to mother fucking B-town, creep around
every body G'ed out
I cant see how you can take me out, ???, make a dog meow
Deep south, my hood got more slack than eighty eight cowboys riding on
Top that, uh, the Mexicans all that
Strike like a snack and attack like a bobcat
Like Capone on the microphone, you beat me leave that pipe alone boy