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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Rasheed
Album:  Never Change
Song:   Broadway
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[Verse 1: SPM]
Now we sleep all day and party all night
I'm picking up my homie from the what, Northside
Tommys on my shirt, and nike's on my shoes
We rollin in the 'burban on them killa 22's
Hit the Southside, and pick up 2 twins
You can take Kelly's booty, I'ma do Kim's
Cops dont like me, not everyone agrees
I sag so low that my belts around my knees
Bass be boomin, make the girls butts wiggle
My girls gettin drunk and she's showin me her nipples
23rd and Sherman, I stop to get a sack
Sunday afternoon, I put Mason on the map
Cuz the dopeman got em in a 6-4 drop
Sometimes I'm on elbow, sometimes I'm on chop
Dopehouse Clique, and we all got cloud
Peace to DJ Lobo and my homie Bill Styles

Cuz my posse's is on Broadway...

I ride with my nigga, lie for my nigga
Smoke fry with my nigga, shine with my nigga
I'd die for my nigga, cry for my nigga
Stay high with my nigga, my nigga
My Nigga

[Verse 2: SPM]
Hanging with my niggas in the Hillwood Grove
Chickens in my kitchen cookin in my stove
Imagine I've been saggin ever since I could walk
Been beggin you to listen ever since I could talk
Double-in my money, even make it triple
I've never been a bum, but I'm beggin for a nickel
Still dippin sticks with a throwed ass bitch
Workin those lips, but I dont mean a kiss
Roll with fuckin killers, we all got straps
Walkin through my hood with a woodgrain mac
Slip em in a coma, slangin on my cut
It took alot of work to get my block so crunk

Cuz my posse's on Broadway...

I eat with my nigga, sleep with my nigga
Cook beef with my nigga, Creep with my nigga
On feet with my nigga, drink with my nigga
Pack heat with my nigga, my nigga
My Nigga

[Verse 3: SPM]
Now we back in population, we all got straps
Run around town, in trophy trucks and 'lacs
The wheels keep turnin, I'm choppin up the wind
I see the ladies lookin, they wanna jump in
Now the front ends hoppin and the car begins to dance
My 40 ounce bottle, is spillin on my pants
Ridin too deep, in the 4-door '77
I'm tryin to count my TV's, I think i got eleven
Now we all got love for the '63 Impala
Ruby is the short one, claimin Guatemala
Bobby is the mix-breed, people think he's funny
Behind us in the Cougar and he's hoppin like a bunny
Bird's keep flyin, I feel like a Hawaiian
Cuz my backyard looks like an exotic island
Creepin Harrisburg, the party broke left
I make a U-Turn, 'cuz I'm BROADWAY TO MY DEATH

Cuz my posse's on Broadway...

I roll with my nigga, smoke with my nigga
Fuck hoes with my nigga, blow with my nigga
Buy clothes with my nigga, throw with my nigga
Cook dope with my nigga, my nigga
My Nigga
I chill with my nigga, deal with my nigga
Pop pills with my nigga, steal for my nigga
I'd kill for my nigga, feel my nigga
On wheels with my nigga, my nigga
My Nigga