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Artist: South Park Mexican/SPM f/ Carolyn Rodriguez
Album:  The Last Chair Violinist
Song:   Mexican Heaven
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There's a question that people have been asking for eternity
Is there a heaven
And if so, what's it like?

[South Park Mexican]
(Verse 1)
Will I see my homie Chris there
He got smoked
By some fools who shouldn't be alive
I'm tryin' to cope
But it's just so hard
Dear God
Will I see him on the boulevard
Can you tilt ya hat to the side
If you want
Or do you gotta have it straight to the front
I been saggin' Dickies ever since I was eight
And I wonder will somebody try to tell me I can't
I won a knife at the carnival, they have of Jensen
It's just for good luck
Not for a weapon
I wonder, "Can I take it?"
Well that's if I make it
But I don't wanna walk around all butt naked
Will my hydrolics work up in the clouds
Do people start complainin' if the music is loud
And these are the things that I ask the reverend
Excuse me, sir
But can Mexicans go to heaven?

Chorus: Carolyn Rodriguez
The other day
I spoke to the reverend
To see if he say
Can Mexicans could go to heaven
When I grow old
Though I know this life is a blessin'
I wanna know
Is there a Mexican heaven, Lord

(Verse 2)
Will my grandfather's beer breath be real bad
Or will they make him take mints or do white Tic Tacs
Do the R&B and hip hop
Radio stations
Play our raps or do they still be hatin'
People owe me money from a previous business
I wonder, "Can I get it with a little bit interest"
And what about drop outs with no education
I can't spell good, but I know multiplication
Do they got real tortillas for all the races
Or them fake little skinny ones like some places
I know my sancha is out of the question
But on the cool, she got love for a Mexican
Will my homies pitch in or wanna smoke for free
Will they have gas money or depend on me
Can I roll on gold streets in my '57
Let me know
Can Mexicans go to heaven?

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Will they charge an arm and leg for the new Mike Jordans
Or sell 'em half price so everyone can afford them
What about tobacco products, do they ban 'em
One thing about cigarettes, I just can't stand 'em
Is minimun wage, all they offer my people
Does my uncle gotta marry someone just to be legal
Will he get dirty looks cause he can't speak English
Do the chicks dress up or do they show their chi-chis (Heh heh)
What kind of clubs do they have in heaven
I don't dance techno and no two steppin'
I got a few warrants, will they follow me there
Or can I start clean with a record that's clear
Is my pitbull there
His name is Plex
He choked on his chains jumpin' over the fence
I'm sorry if I'm asking you too many questions
I just gotta know
Can Mexicans go to heaven?

Repeat Chorus