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Artist: South Park Mexican
Album:  Hillwood
Song:   Children of the Ghetto *
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* pre-censored before release on the reissue

[Ike Man]
They got me runnin' through my ghetto (Ghetto...)

Hook: Singer (Ike Man in background)
Of the ghetto (They got me runnin' through my ghetto)
Hold on

[South Park Mexican]
(Verse 1)
They got me
Runnin' through my ghetto, in a cold sweat
I just can't look back, sticks got your boy wet
Checkin' alleys for my homies, race pass the bayou
Why those five O's, kickin' down my doors
Run up in a smoke house, it's dark as what
But I spot 'em in the corners, when they lighters struck
Glass pipes look like neon lights, but in the fire
I'm like a child of the Lord, with a poisonous desire
Die a "G," tryin' to make
Change, when I approach 'em
Even though I got a great
Range, I won't smoke 'em
Reminiscin' on the happy times, we spent together
Junior high, goin' half on dimes, and like a feather
We was floatin' in the wind, fool, steady laughin'
Til the day somebody killed you, and got me askin'

Repeat Hook Twice

(Verse 2)
They tryin' to silence the violence, and minus the menace
But I'm in this, to win this, tryin' to break a Guinness
Business as usual, it's unpredictable
Critical changes deranges the typical
I terrorize, paralyze your intentions
Questions answered on the day of my redemptions
The lynchin', Smif-N-Wessons
Lessons to be taught
On the block of rock, I mention
Critical dimensions
Yes, I rest with my heina
In the shiny sun
Got the blunt, I'm tryin' to find me one
Life dream, thirteen be me number
On tha right team, sur east as a youngster
Live a G-role, actin' a hero, get ya below
I'll be facin' Ito, but you got your life repo

Repeat Hook Twice

(Verse 3)
I got incredible
Criminals in my subliminal, minimal
Actions and tactics, can't stop my cynical
Passion I'm blastin', trashin' the evidence
Ever since birth, I'm ripped out of innocence
Isn't this beautiful, the undisputible
G fits me suitable, won't hesitate to shoot a fool
Up in advance, catch a blast, can you dance
Like a trick, shakin' ass, in the back of ambulance,
In a trance of confusion, havin' illusions
Of mental institutions, bein' my solution
Who's in my nutty head, wantin' everybody dead
Red rum feel the lead come through your bunk bed
Then mom said I could reach the sky if I try
So why, does she cry, when I'm high, tryin' to fly
My soul is a lost one, I'm sleepwalkin'
With a mother[{*fuckin'*}] shotgun, I gotta pop one

Repeat Hook Til Fade