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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Rasheed
Album:  Hustle Town
Song:   Riddla On Da Roof
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He's a riddler
The motherfuckin' riddler
What, nigga

[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
I receive my degree
I got my bastards in dope fiend psychiatry
Like the weed
My brain buzzin' like a bee
Flyin' free
I only fear sobriety
Shy police
Raidin' my privacy
We settle out of court
They take my bribery
I let this irony inspire me
They dyin' violently
Riddler just tryin to be
Society denyin' me
So my propriety
Is flippin' ghetto ivory
Oh, my
Dear diary
My hood is fiery and they admire me
Will I die a G or build a fuckin' dynasty

Chorus: Rasheed (Robin in background)
It's the riddler on the roof (It's the riddler)
Rose from the bottom come to speak the truth
It's the riddler on the roof (The motherfuckin' riddler)
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, that's right
This ya boy, Rasheed, all the way from the North Philadelphia ghettos to the South Park slums
Representin' that Dope House with my man, the South Park Mexican
Say Los
Break these boys off, once again

[South Park Mexican]
(Verse 2)
It's that vato with convo, you know how the song go
Get my freak on, so watch for Santo
Pronto, broke 'em like a bronco
Turn him to a John Doe
I make ya body need bondo
I stomp foes
Pop, pop those hollows
Hard act to follow, a fool named Carlos
Y'all know my motto, "Don't act like a star, bro"
If ya talk, don't pay ya damn car note
And although it's almost tomorrow
Suckers sorrow
Cous', don't beat a rap they can borrow
I swallow a palo
Back to mi lago
Emcees hollerin' "Bravo," gettin' smoke
Like a Marlboro

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Ain't no sympathy in the street
It's either him or me
He the man that can get with me
Nigga, please 
My trigger squeeze, come to kill the bees
Figure these, the last days why I stick with G's
Initially, my millimet'll make 'em history
Clinically approved
To kill that ass instanly
Spilled the beans
And get in between my guillotine
As bitches fiend for my dope like nicotine
Sippin' lean
Here all started with the triple beam
Competition tell me
"Are you listening?"
It's the king
Livin' life
Like Pistol Pete
Women's on heat
That'll leave your body incomplete
Epidemy of a mental facility
I take your nuts
And hang 'em on my Christmas tree
I don't slip, but I'm slippery
Unseen like the entity, really be
Sick of beef
I disagree with your trickery
Blast like Yosemite, smoke 'em ass like hickery
Y'all fin to see
My embassy
Critically acclaimed
Forever your mystery

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Robin (Rasheed in background)]
It's the riddler, the riddler (A tooth for a tooth)
The riddler (A tooth for a tooth)
The motherfuckin' riddle
He's a riddler, riddler
He's a motherfuckin' riddler