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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Rasheed, Low G
Album:  Hustle Town
Song:   Mary-Go-Round
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[South Park Mexican]
Yo, yo, homeboy, pass me that
This is the song I wrote for the girl I love
Her name (Name...)
Mary Jane (Jane...)

[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
Saggin' my Dickies, smoke like a hippy
Smell so good when she get wet and sticky
You lift me
Girl, you the bomb
Got a nigga blowin' like Cheech and Chong
A bong, a blunt
Or a paper square
It really don't matter, she'll take you there
You been my gal since the age of thirteen
And it's funny to me, you still make me fiend
You put a spell on me
With the green voodoo
You love when my boys come and run us a choo choo
Mary Jane deep in the game
The way I feel, words can't explain
You been true to me
Stood by my side
I wake up and get my morning's first high
Other hoes wonder why they get no love
Cause Mary got a Big Ol' Butt
Chorus: South Park Mexican
Round and round
Don't let the mary go 'round
Pass the sweet
Round and round
Don't let the mary go 'round
Pass the sweet

(Verse 2)
[Rasheed (South Park Mexican in background)]
If you'se a Jane user, throw your hands
In the air with this motherfuckin' three time user
On the cool, my future
Pass the medusa (Pass the sweet)
I never lose her
Who ya, who ya think you are
You're fuckin' with a Dope House shootin' star

[Low G]
I'm smoking that buddha
Drinking that puda
Another killer from Madulas
A thug and a rider
Chick gets me higher
There's no need to try and find a finer heina
I desire, my bitch on fire
Peep the set as I kiss on the playa

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: South Park Mexican]
Now you can do snow, or get wet as the rain 
Man, I got Jane in my brain
Of course
I kick doors
For white horse
But my wife, Mary Jane
I never get divorced
Cause she be the only one fit for a player
The green eyes and the pretty red hair
The hoes sick cause them jealous bitches wanna
Baila coma Juana
You was born in Mexico, but I took the chance
And brought your ass across to the promise lands
I love to lay you down so soft in my swisha
Act like a freak and let
All my niggas hit ya
I got your picture, on all my walls
Momma caught us kissin', wanna call the laws
My family thinks you nothin' but trouble 
Can't see how you helped me through the struggle

Repeat Chorus