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Artist: South Park Mexican f/ Marilyn Rylander, Low G
Album:  3rd Wish: To Rock The World
Song:   Who's Over There
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[South Park Mexican]
I just wanna
Say, "I love all you, haters"
It's not your fault
You was raised to like the smell of shit
Us players would like to, smell the roses

Chorus: Marilyn Rylander
Who's over there
No one said that
Life was fair
You haters come from
Y'all haters just
Because you're scared

[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
Broken dreams, to be the coke king
Everyone asleep except me and the dope fiends
5 A.M. sittin' on the corner
The day's gettin' warmer, but my heart's gettin' colder
Sold my last boulder, let the storm pass over
Never touch my dough
I'm only the cash holder
I sleep with one eye open
In the land where you see men die, smokin'
Let the fry soak in, water, water
Hillwood cowboy, fuckin' down the farmer's daughter
Street saga
Corner store robber
Like Pasell I take your gal a la cama
My block hotter than lava
The wetback
In love with my mojada
Papa, shit talker, dick dropper
SPM, the rap Skyywalker

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Low G]
Which road will I travel
White sand or hard gravel
Fuck a friend, I don't even trust my own shadow
I'm in a battle with the dirtiest of enemies
Cause I'm chippin' dope, all across the seven seas
Low G and the wheeze of the Vo-C
At the ranch where my weed plants grow free
December 9
A child was born with no heart
Since a kid
They said I wouldn't go far
Ghetto scars, tryin' to keep away from mero bars
The jura's hour
Fuck Escobar
Entity of drogas, I roll with top soldiers
If they approach us, I bury those cockroaches

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: South Park Mexican]
I ain't start from the bottom
I dug myself out a hole
Grabbed a pen, and taught myself how to flow
Now my snow crystal, my shit primo
Toe taggin' haters with a tiny torpedo
Me and my nuts make a good trio
I'm the nigga pissin' in my cup for my P.O.
Life hit me like a double shot of whiskey
In every song, I give a piece of my history
This be reality
They wanna battle me
But that'll be the day
Gather up my family
Packin' heat
Pick 'em up, like a sack of meat
Most my niggas dead
Or walkin' round with shackled feet
We had to eat, you can ask these cops
I bought my first hooptie with fifteen rocks
They smoked non-stop
I watched as the crack melted
I comes real cause I really can't help it

Repeat Chorus

[South Park Mexican]
Yeah, this one goes out to all my players
You know what I'm sayin'
Don't let them haters keep you down, man
Anybody who lets a hater get 'em down
Ten times out of ten is a hater
I ain't trippin'
We comin' down, baby, 2000
Just like that